Welcome to a World of Darkness...

Sanguinus.org is a chat-based online roleplaying game based on the classic Vampire the Masquerade roleplaying game by White Wolf Game Studios. Using IRC (Internet Relay Chat), we roleplay in the World of Darkness. In the Setting section of the website, you will find information on our current city.

We are open 24 hours/365 days a year. We have been going strong since 2005. Our rules are almost exactly the same as the book, with little tweaks to better run a 24/7 game

We strongly recommend that you have a copy of the Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition and the new Vampire 5th Edition for metaplot changes. You may obtain one on Drivethru RPG and the Modiphius website. Some rules and such are available on our Wiki but having the book, and reading it is always a plus. We have changed the canon somewhat to suit our needs and our 14-year history. We will inform you of these once you are approved.

If you are new to the game, or are not familiar with the setting, we suggest you talk to an ST and observe some roleplay before you jump in. There's nothing wrong with being a newbie. Hey, we all were newbies once, and we are very understanding.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign on to irc.sanguinus.org and get on the #approvals channel, where you can make a character and get started.