Bot Commands

Our bot is called Archon. You’ll see him as an op on all of our channels. Archon is equipped with several commands for running the game. Just enter these commands in a channel. Archon handles everything from tracking bloodpools to providing character descriptions.

General IRC Commands

/list command
Usage: opens a list of every available room on the server.
The /list will show you how many people are in a room and gives a description of each room.
Archon, our bot, sits in every room and Archon logs everything, so please NO cybering.

/join #channel
Usage: /join command will enter you into a room by opening a new window. You can also double-click on a room in the /list to enter that room.
Example: /join #ooc

/hop #channel
Usage: /hop command will enter you into a room by automatically closing the room that you were previously in and entering you into the room you /hop’d to.
Example: /hop #ooc

/nick (newname)
Usage: /nick command will change your nickname.
Example: /nick Steven

/query (nickname) (message)
Usage: /query command is for privately messaging people. This will open up a private message from you to the other player. You can also just double-click their name on the userlist in a room.
Example: /query Sue Hey, how are you?

/me (action)
Usage: /me command is to emote roleplay actions.
Example: /me eats pie. Yum!

Sanguinus Specific Commands

Usage: !roll (number of dice) (difficulty) (reason)
Example: !roll 3 9 Perception Roll, to hear across the bar

This command orders the bot to roll the number of dice. It will report how many successes you received, and whether you have botched. All extra successes from a possible specialty are also displayed.

Combat Commands

Usage: !combat
Example: !combat

This command is used to start a combat that needs a Storyteller to officiate (anything beyond ‘friendly sparring’ that will do actual damage). This command alerts the staff, so do not use unless necessary. Or else we will be annoyed.

Usage: !inits (Dexterity + Wits)
Example: !inits 6

This command is used at the beginning of a combat round to get your initiative rating. Add your Dexterity and Wits together and put it after the !inits command. The bot will tell you your initiative for that round.

Usage: !givebp (other character’s nick) (amount)
Example: !givebp Marseilles 1

This command spends gives part of your blood pool to another character. You can feed other vampires or ghouls with this command.

Willpower Commands

Usage: !getwp
Example: !getwp

This command retrieves your current willpower rating and displays it for you. Only you will see the number, so feel free to use in public channels.

Usage: !wp (reason)
Example: !wp Cancel botch

This command spends a single point of willpower. Stating the reason is optional but encouraged.

Description Commands

Usage: !describe (character’s screenname)
Example: !describe Bob

Simply enter !describe then a character’s screenname to view that character’s description.

Usage: !setdesc (character’s description)
Example: !setdesc is a young man.

Everything you type after !setdesc becomes your character’s description. Your screenname will be appended to the front of the description, so descriptions should read something like ‘is a middle-aged woman.’ There is a limit to how long a description can be. Be sure to check your description every time you change it.

Usage: !setlink (website link)
Example: !setlink http://somewebsitehereorwikihere/somethingmore

This allows you to set a single website link to appear after your character description when it is called up. Use it to link to your wiki page or character picture, or anything similar.

Experience Commands

Usage: !getxp
Example: !getxp

This command retrieves your available and total experience and displays it for you. Only you will see the number, so feel free to use in public channels.

Usage: !requestxp (amount of xp)
Example: !requestxp 2

This command puts in your XP request for the week. Only use once per week. If you encounter problems, speak with a Storyteller.