Getting Started¤


This is the simplest step. Take a moment, right now, to consider if you can handle this.

Vampire: the Masquerade is not an escape into a life better than what you have now. It is not a heroic hack and slash roleplaying game.

We, at Sanguinus, do our very best to keep utterly true to the World of Darkness. It is a game about personal horror, about damned monsters struggling with humanity — or shunning it entirely to embrace the heartless Beast within.

The World of Darkness is a brutal, dark place. There will be blood. There will be gore. There will be violence. There will be screams and the slaughter of innocents. It may even be your character being tormented and, perhaps, slaughtered.

Can you handle that?
If you’ve answered “yes,” then continue on. You’ve been warned.



  • Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary Edition (for metaplot information)
  • Beckett’s Jyhad Diary (for metaplot information)
  • Vampire the Masquerade, 5th Edition (for rules and metaplot information)
  • GOOGLE ACCOUNT. Due to the changes in the system for V5, we have gone to a sheet system using Google Docs. You will need an account to access your sheet.

These resource books will be your bread and butter. There is no better way to become acclimated to the World of Darkness than through pure, simple reading. It’s important, for our ease of storytelling and for your ease of play, that you’re at least somewhat familiar with the dice, discipline and combat systems as well as the setting we’ll all be playing in. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but we do expect all players to do their part to participate with us and others in the game.


Right now, due to the new system that V5 entails, we have gone to a system using Google Docs to submit a character. You can obtain a character sheet by visiting us in #help or #stchambers or #approvals and asking for the link to obtain a copy.

Don’t know something?
This game has a lot of rules, both official and house. It has even more metaplot, fiction, and lore to it. It’s not expected that you’re going to know everything right off the bat. But we have lots of resources to go by.

You can find most of the basic information on the main site. Fleshed-out information about clans, characters, settings, etc., can be found on the wiki page. Feel free to set one up for your character. Or don’t! It’s not required. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your fellow players can answer some questions, such as how to set-up a wikipage.

We ask that you do not ask for in-depth In Character information in the #ooc channel or privately from players. This is best-learned In-Character.

You may also seek our help from Staff in the #stchambers and if that is full, you may be directed to the #help channel.
Approvals are almost always done in #approvals.

Make sure you register for the forums. There’s a wealth of information located there, as well as regular Storyteller Announcements and both In Character and Out of Character forums.

Once you register, please see us in #stchambers or #help to get your account approved.

Setting Information

Take some time to read the setting information on the website and wiki. Our city is a modern, if fictional city and is filled with dark corners, strange quirks, and long buried secrets. We’re also a true Vampire the Masquerade chronicle, with multiple Storytellers, storylines, and an ever-evolving plot. Remember, when going through the approval process, to ask as many questions as necessary to know what you’re walking into. Storyline information, for the most part, will come to you during play via interaction in private or in public channels like Elysium, on the boards, or just plain out of chance. Good luck and have fun. Confused by the rules? Do you need help making a character?

How To Get Help

On our server, we have several channels where you can go for assistance when needed.

The first is:

#stchambers : This channel is for general rules calls, experience point expenditures and other problems or help as needed, and is the main way to speak to the STs.

We also have:

#help : This is a channel that is to be used for overflow from #stchambers and you will be directed there by staff as needed. It is also a place for simple rules calls, feeding scenes and other things that help flesh out our world.

In addition for approvals we have:

#approvals : Here is the channel you need to go to have a character approved. This channel frees up #stchambers and #help for other things.