Getting Started
Character Concepts

A good concept is the key to both getting a character approved and enjoying yourself. Here are a few guidelines as to what we expect and what we will approve as far as concepts.

Character Age

Age is a commodity in the Camarilla. The older the Kindred, the more reputation, influence, and power they generally wield. Unsurprising, really, given that older tends to indicate wiser, or at least more experienced in the art of survival and manipulation. However, with greater age and greater status comes far greater expectation (both in-character and out-of-character).

Europe boasts the majority of the Camarilla elders. While the United States of America also claims its fair share, the “new world” serves as a more attractive haven for neonates and ambitious ancillae, a land built on the spirit of independence where “younger” (relatively, sometimes) Kindred can earn a name for themselves away from the looming dominance of the antiquated masters of the Camarilla.

  • Neonate: 0-100 years since embrace
  • Ancilla: 100 to 200 years since embrace
  • Elder: More than 200 years since embrace

Note that simply being in the common age bracket doesn’t necessarily assure the accompanying status. Being old isn’t enough; a Kindred, frankly put, must “act their age” to be acknowledged by their colleagues. Without acceptance from their fellow ancillae or elders, an immature or impolitic Kindred will never progress in status, regardless of how long they’ve managed to exist.

Ethnic Backgrounds

The ethnic backgrounds of characters should reflect their ages. The majority of neonates will be American. Ancillae may be American, though it’s more acceptable for Kindred in this bracket to be from other corners of the world, the most common being Europe. Elders can be of varied backgrounds, so long as they’re feasible. Unusual, unfitting ethnic backgrounds will be highly scrutinized by Storytellers, and may not be approved. This goes double for areas in the World of Darkness setting that are hostile to Kindred, such as most of Asia.


Why do we do this? Well, we are trying to keep a particular tone for our game, and roleplayers left to their own devices will quickly fill our American city with a cavalcade of Vikings, Japanese samurai, Nazi officers and a dozen other clever little backgrounds, mainly played by people who neither understand nor respect the ethnicities and histories they are trying to portray. And it turns rather ridiculous rather quickly.

Ultimately, unless accompanied by research, insight and some in-depth characterization, most ethnically unique characters turn into stereotypes and are used as cheap gimmicks, with a load of crypto-racism on top, because it's all about how different those people who talk and look funny are. It irritates us, so for the most part, we say no to them. Don't take offense if we ask you about this. We only wish to ensure different ethnicities are treated with respect.


Here at Sanguinus we value diversity and respect people's genders. We allow players to play the gender opposite their own. Please be respectful of this. Additionally, while Sanguinus and its resident Sanguinites are accepting of gender diversity and fluidity, characters may not be. So again, do not take offense if that 200 year old Vampire doesn't understand- or WANT to understand- that.