Getting Started
Character Sheet Form

Creating a new character

We use an online web application to manage our character sheets. You can access it here. You have to sign up for an account on our forums before you can create a character.

Again, check our rather indepth Character Creation Guide on our Wiki. It is located here.


Our character creation system is not very different from the one found in the core Vampire rulebook. But we do use a template system, to give us a believable mix of characters of a variety of ages

If you are making your first character with us, it will be a Young Neonate, or with approval, a Neonate. No matter what your previous experience with Vampire the Masquerade, we prefer all our new players to start out as neonates so they can get a feel for our style of play and we can get to know them better. The Ancilla templates are restricted to trusted and experienced players who have been with the game for a while and the Storytellers are familiar with. Chances to play Elder characters are offered by the Storytelling staff.