Getting Started
Character Creation

Creating a new character

We use an online web application to manage our character sheets. You can access it here. You have to sign up for an account on our forums before you can create a character.

In order to allow new characters to be on a "level playing field" with older characters, you will recieve 1 xp per month that the chronicle has been running AFTER creation and approval of your character.

You must play one (1) month before we allow these xps to be spent

We also have a rather indepth Character Creation Guide on our Wiki. It is located here.


  • Common: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Toreador, Ventrue
  • Uncommon: *Tremere
  • Limited and storyteller approved: *Nosferatu, *Caitiff, *Giovanni, *Ravnos and *Setite. You MUST ask BEFORE you submit any of these. If you are told no, it may be for many reasons, key amongst them is census. We generally do not approve new players for these clans.
  • Banned:Everything Else*

*Without Lead Storyteller approval prior to creation.


Our character creation system is not very different from the one found in the core Vampire rulebook. But we do use a template system, to give us a believable mix of characters of a variety of ages

If you are making your first character with us, it will be a Young Neonate, or with approval, a Neonate. No matter what your previous experience with Vampire the Masquerade, we prefer all our new players to start out as neonates so they can get a feel for our style of play and we can get to know them better. The Ancilla templates are restricted to trusted and experienced players who have been with the game for a while and the Storytellers are familiar with. Chances to play Elder characters are offered by the Storytelling staff.

Templates specify your starting spreads of attributes, abilities, backgrounds, etc. They also give you a handful of no-cost abilities, backgrounds and lores. For instance, we assume your character's sire was not a complete moron, and give Neonates a single dot in Camarilla Lore, Clan Lore and Kindred Lore.

Each character template gets a certain number of free traits. Any template other than a basic young neonate requires ST approval. Every player's first character must be a young neonate, no exceptions have ever been or will ever be made.

The ages listed with characters are more guidelines than anything else. A 101 year old vampire might use the Aged Neonate template, though big deviations (a 10 year old vamp using the regular Neonate template) will not be approved.

Young Neonate

This is the most basic template, and every first character should use it. It represents a neonate who has been a vampire less than 30 years.

Attributes: 7 / 5 / 3
Abilities: 13 / 9 / 5
Backgrounds: 5
Disciplines: 3
Virtues: 7
Freebies: 15

Bonus Abilities

  • Kindred Lore 1
  • Camarilla Lore 1
  • Clan Lore 1
Maximum Generation: 12th


This represents your average neonate, who has been a vampire 30 to 70 years. It has enough experience to get by.

Attributes: 7 / 5 / 3
Abilities: 14 / 9 / 5
Backgrounds: 6
Disciplines: 3
Virtues: 7
Freebies: 17

Bonus Abilities

  • Kindred Lore 1
  • Camarilla Lore 1
  • Clan Lore 1
Maximum Generation: 11th

Aged Neonate

This represents a neonate on the cusp of becoming an ancilla. It has been 70 to 100 years since their Embrace. This template can be requested by experienced players.

Attributes: 7 / 5 / 3
Abilities: 14 / 10 / 5
Backgrounds: 8
Disciplines: 3
Virtues: 7
Freebies: 19

Bonus Abilities

  • Kindred Lore 1
  • Camarilla Lore 1
  • Clan Lore 1
Maximum Generation: 11th

Young Ancilla

These younger ancillae are at least 100 years a vampire, but usually no more than 150. This template can be requested by experienced players.

Attributes: 8 / 5 / 3
Abilities: 15 / 10 / 5
Backgrounds: 10
Disciplines: 4
Virtues: 6
Freebies: 21

Bonus Abilities

  • Kindred Lore 2
  • Camarilla Lore 2
  • Clan Lore 2
Maximum Generation: 9th

Freebie Costs:

  • Attributes: 5 per dot
  • Abilities: 2 per dot
  • Backgrounds: 1 per dot
  • Disciplines: 7 per dot
  • Virtues: 1 per dot

Freebie Point Costs

  • Attribute 5 per dot
  • Ability 2 per dot
  • Discipline 7 per dot
  • Background 1 per dot
  • Virtue 2 per dot
  • Humanity/Path 2 per dot
  • Willpower 1 per dot

Creation Guidelines

Nature and Demeanor

The Nature of Sadist and Child are banned on Sanguinus


ALL Characters must have been at least 18 years old when embraced. We do not allow underage characters in the game

ALL Characters must look their age. Please do not select a model that looks underage. You will be asked to change it.


  • No ability may be raised above 3 before Freebies are spent. Only Freebies can raise an ability above 3.
  • Keep combat stats within realistic standards. Not all combat skills should be at 3's or more.
  • Try to have no more than one ability at 4.
  • >Any Ability or Attribute that has 4 or more dots may have a specialty at no cost. If you have a specialty in a trait, rolls of 10 count for double successes. Be sure to include your specialties before submitting your character sheet.
  • Crafts, Performance, and Technology will need a specialty selected at the first dot. These will allow you to double your 10's


Initial Discipline dots must be used on in-clan disciplines, and no disciplines can be raised above 3 at character creation. Out-of-clan discipline purchases aren't approved at creation.

Young Neonates can not start the game with more than 3 discipline dots, and none can be above a 2. Nosferatu are the exception to this, they may take Obfuscate at 3 to allow them the ability to Mask.


No 5's in Virtues allowed, especially for Young Neonates or Neonates


  • Influences are limited to 1 dot in a max of 2 spheres.
  • We do not allow Resources to come from "Inheritance."
  • Resources 4-5 are generally full. Ask before you request this.
  • Alternate Identity is a great thing to have, particularly if your char is legally dead or wants to eventually own property.
  • You must have Animalism to have a ghouled animal. These will not have sheets and are nothing more than flavor.
  • Ghouls are will not have sheets or be able to engage in combat.
  • You can not start the game with a business. This must be established In Character.


Willpower for most vampires should be between 5-7.


Havens (or, more precisely, their locations) may not exceed a character's resources score. A character may have multiple havens, but the combined number of "Minimum Resources Required for Haven" for all havens must be lesser than or equal to the character's resources score.

Merits and Flaws

Remember that Merits should never be taken just for a stat boost, and "soft" Flaws should not be added to a sheet just to pad your points. All Merits and Flaws will be expected to be roleplayed, and if they do not fit with your concept, may be denied during the character Approval process. Merits and Flaws are optional, and subject to staff scrutiny – they are neither a requirement, nor a right.

Some Flaws have been restricted or outright banned in this game, either because they require constant staff supervision, are too overbalancing or rare, or simply do not fit with our game, or style of game. A list of outright banned or rare Merits and Flaws is located on the Sanguinus Wiki, though some not listed may be denied during Approval on a case-by-case basis.

You may see the current list of approved Merits and Flaws HERE