Getting Started
How To Use Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

To connect to our server and play the game, you will require a program or "client" that uses the Internet Relay Chat protocol. Luckily, these programs are not difficult to find or to set up. Using Goggle to search for 'IRC client' will return a multitude of choices. The most common and simplest choice is mIRC, and is available as shareware. Another popular choice is mibbit, a java IRC client, that does not require any downloads.



Many Smartphones now offer IRC clients, check out your app menu for more details. But be careful, if you play over Smartphone you may be slower than other people on proper clients, so think about that before you enter in character.

Connection Problems?

Maybe It's Our Fault.

Whether via human error or acts of god (thunderstorms, blackouts, etc), the server does occasionally choke up and/or shut down on its own.

The typical solution is to let a staff member know, so they can dial up the server administrators who can hopefully cure the issue with a quick reset. This can be done via various mediums: through our Facebook, a message through Google Talk, or by a post on the OOC forums. Our forums and wiki run on a separate service than the server itself, and therefore are typically still up while the server itself is down.

Or, Maybe It's Your Fault.

A misspelling? Put the right info in the wrong place? Any number of issues can make access to the server stumble on its face. Here's a more direct, step-by-step solution to curing those problems.

For mIRC:

  • Ensure your IRC client is directed to You can do this by clicking on that link, or entering it in manually. Check your spelling. On the Connect category of mIRC Options, it should state 'Server: Sanguinus'.
  • If not, go to the Servers portion of the Connect category. Add a new server with the following settings:
    • Description: Sanguinus
    • IRC Server:
    • Ports: 6667
  • Leave Group and Password empty, and click Add.
  • Sanguinus should now be among the IRC servers available. Double-click it and you'll be directed back to the Connect screen.
  • Click Connect.

For mibbit:

  • It is recommended you register an account with mibbit if you choose to use that service. You can also adjust your settings to automatically log you into the server and place you in channels as soon as you sign in.
  • After you sign up, click the Server option and, in the Server address box, type in
  • Place whatever Nick(name) you so desire, and for channel you can put #ooc to enter our Out of Character area, #approvals if you have a character you wish to get approved, or #help if you have any questions to direct to our resident STs.
  • Click Go.

(Alternatively, you can place no channel name in the box and simply press Go to connect to our server, then type in /join #ooc, /join #approvals, /join #help, or simply /list for the full plethora of Sanguinus channels.)