Our World of Darkness


Our version of the World Of Darkness is similar to the original concept of the World of Darkness that was established way back at the beginning of White Wolf’s Second Edition. The year is the current year and follows the metaplot with some tweaks and twists of our own.

We have adopted and caught up to most of the metaplot as detailed in Beckett’s Jyhad Diaries and in the Vampire the Masquerade, 5th Edition.

The Leader of the Camarilla

Due to events that your character may or may not be aware of in the original New Corsica chronicle, the leader of the Camarilla is Louis Alamuerte, former Prince and Architect of New Corsica. Upon his assumption of power in the Camarilla, Valentue Duprie, his former Seneschal took over Praxis in New Corsica.

Hardstadt the Younger was killed by Alamuerte, along with his childe, Jan Pieterzoon


Gehenna, as detailed in the “Time of Judgement” books, did not happen and in fact has been redacted and explained by White Wolf that it was A Gehenna, not THE Gehenna. However, in our timeline, that particular “Gehenna” did not happen at all.

The Week of Nightmares

The Week of Nightmares never occurred. However, Clan Ravnos has been affected in V5 and there are very few left.

Clan Giovanni

The Giovanni have been driven back to Italy and also have been subject to decimation by outside forces.

London has Fallen

The Second Inquisition struck in London and killed almost all Vampires who resided there. In our timeline, Mithras was still Prince and is either dead or in torpor, no one knows for sure, but he IS missing.


Berlin has fallen to the anarchs. Forces of both Anarchs (big “A”) and anarchs (little “a”) rampaged through the city, killing the two Princes who ruled there, as well as the sheriff and other Camarilla officials.

Clan Tremere

The central Chantry of the Tremere, in Vienna, was discovered by the Second Inquisition and utterly destroyed. Prior to this, Carna, the Tremere Primogen of Milwaukee was able to somehow break the bond to the Clan and she left the city, taking the Milwaukee Anarchs with her. Due to the destruction of the Clan Elders, many Thaumaturgy Paths were lost and the Tremere as a whole find their power severely limited and their blood weakened.

Clan Nosferatu

The millions of bytes of information that had been collected by the Nosferatu and stored on computers was discovered by the Second Inquisition. Due to this devastating hack, the Camarilla has created what is called, “The Second Masquerade” forbidding the use of electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, the internet, etc.

Clan Brujah

Following this attack, the Camarilla called for conclaves in the US (Chicago) and Europe (Prague) to discuss the incident. Clan Brujah teamed up with Clan Nosferatu despite the Nosferatu’s part in the breach and a pact was made to withdraw from the Camarilla. At the last moment, the Nosferatu defected from the alliance and sided with the Camarilla. Theo Bell, Brujah Archon, pulled the Brujah from the Camarilla, blaming them and the Nosferatu for the massive breach and multitudes of deaths.


The stronghold for the Sabbat had been New York City for many years. It fell to the Camarilla and the Sabbat left and seized Baltimore and many cities along the East and Southern Coast of the US in their wake. But the Sabbat have mysteriously abandoned most of their cities, leaving the US eerily quiet. Mexico City is taken by a small coterie of Camarilla neonates who set up a Praxis there.


Most Elders, Camarilla and Sabbat, have disappeared. Rumor is they have gone to the Middle East to fight in the “Grave Wars.” Only a few know or understand what that is, but rumors also speak of the rise of the Antediluvians.


Thin-bloods have increased in number in these turbulent times but their numbers remain low due to mass culling of them in certain domains.

Las Vegas

The Second Inquisition has killed the Prince and many Kindred who resided there.

Washington DC

Washington DC was the site of a massive battle between Camarilla and Sabbat forces. In the midst of the battle, it was revealed that Marcus Vitel, thought to be Ventrue, was actually Lasombra and he was presumed dead for quite a while. Eventually, he appeared again, admitting he was Lasombra but declaring DC to be an Autarkis city, free from the machinations of the Jyhad.


Now known as the Banu Haqim, they have petitioned the Camarilla for admittance.

The Anarch Free States

The Anarch Free States still control the West Coast of the United States and continue to try and spread their revolutionary message across the rest of the continent.


Long the reputed home to Samedi and other Necromancers, Louisiana is now closed to other clans, with the exception being New Corsica who is under constant war but remains a Camarilla stronghold under Prince Valentine Duprie and Dux Bellorum Declan of the Gangrel. A rumor is circulating that the “Shroud” has been torn and ghosts and spirits are frequently seen.

The Current State of the Jyhad

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The map above shows the vampire political situation in the United States.

Camarilla areas are in purple.

The areas in white are open since the Sabbat has disappeared, they are held by no one.

Blue is Anarch and light-blue is Anarch-contested.