Our Rules
Our House Rules

We use the Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook for our rules unless noted otherwise. In you have a question of whether we are using any of the other rules published by White Wolf, please ask. Many times, special rules and add-ons from supplements are not being used. While we try to not muddy things with our own additions to the rules too much, some changes are always necessary.

Over time, we've also discovered older rules we liked better than the 20th anniversary edition, so look over these rules to see what older 2nd edition rules are in effect.

Our general House Rules (rules that do not pertain to a specific subject such as disciplines) Will be listed on this page. Otherwise, refer to the appropriate section in the menu to your left.

Common Rolls

To notice a group of nearby PCs - Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 6

To hear normal conversation across a noisy room - Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 8

To slip through a door behind someone while using Obfuscate - Dexterity + Athletics, Difficulty 8

To read someone's emotions / detect a lie - Perception + Empathy, Difficulty 6; Resisted by Manipulation + Subterfuge, Difficulty 6

Rolls done by Staff in secret

In order to better ensure immersion and to ramp up intrigue, the following rolls will be done by Staff, in secret. Before you use these powers you must come to #stchambers, be prepared to tell us your dice pool, what you want to do and how you will do it. We will then we will take it from there.

  • Presence
  • Dominate
  • Telepathy
  • Dementation
  • Accents

    If you are portraying a character who speaks with an obvious accent, do not attempt to "sound it out" in your emotes.


    (Your Character is from France) "Excuse moi Monsieur, Eef you zink I aim wrong, zen you zir are an eedioot!" That is not only annoying to read for English speakers but for our "English as a second language" people, it is incomprehensible. If your character has an obvious accent, simply emote, "She speaks in a thick, French accent.."

    You may sprinkle in some commonly used foreign phrases or words, "Adios." "Bonsoir" etc, etc. But keep them to a minimum. Keep in mind that while a character may speak a certain language, that does not mean the player does.

    Blood Bonds

    Blood Bonds are taken quite seriously on Sanguinus. They are not to be entered into lightly. If your character drinks the blood of another character, it must be reported to a staff member. If none are online, send the Storyteller group a note on the forum. Failure to do so will result in the docking of experience points.


    We here at Sanguinus do not condone the graphic depiction of sexual acts between characters. Our policy is simple- should you character engage in those acts, you must "Fade to Black."

    Enchanted Voice

    Due to the nature of the merit, Enchanted Voice does not decrease the difficulty of rolling Dominate. It will not not make the roll easier.

    Toreador Flaw

    The Toreador flaw can be tricky to play. Many things trigger the flaw, not just art. A beautiful person, the brickwork on a wall, a cigarette butt laying "just so" on the sidewalk. It is very diverse, and it is also meant to be a Flaw, not merit. It can be debilitating and should be. When confronted with something that would trigger the flaw, you may elect to have your character "go with it" and simply zone out until the trigger is removed.

    If you feel that your character would rather not go into a trance due to being in a possibly dangerous or embarrassing situation the roll is as follows:

    Roll your Self Control rating at difficulty 6. If your character is in a life or death situation, you may use willpower.

    Failure of the roll means your character is Entranced until the trigger is removed.

    Botches result in your character being unable to come out of the trance until forced to do so by another character. This could be through vigorous shaking, a slap across the face or something similiar. After the botch, the character has an intense desire to possess the object that so beguiled them for a period of 1 month. This must be played out. If it is a piece of art or even the song of another character, your character will do everything in his or her own power to obtain it.


    Self-staking is not allowed. It is an almost impossible thing to do and the Beast that lives inside each Kindred would not allow it.


    Willpower on Sanguinus regenerates at a rate of 1 per week. Willpower can be used for an autosuccess in the case of life or death situations and only at the discretion of the Storyteller staff.