Our Rules

Any use of a background should be done with the staff, from contacting mentors, to using allies and retainers, to handing out large amounts of cash with Resources.


The Mentor background does not assist in learning disciplines. It can offer advice and information.


Retainers cannot be used in combat. They can investigate, be sent out on errands and be your eyes and ears in the daytime, but you can't call up your 5-dot posse and throw down. If a Retainer ever becomes vital to a scene, it must be played by a staff member. We do not allow sheets to be made for retainers, therefore you can not give your retainer resources 5 and expect to have access to it.


We have modified the Allies background to make it more useful. Allies represent a large group of people that your character can rely upon to do tasks for them. While not as trustworthy as a retainer, they are generally not aware of the character's supernatural nature. Each dot of Allies represents a group of roughly five people your character can go to for assistance. Examples include reliable employees of a company your character owns, a street gang, a union local or a law office. Like Retainers, they cannot be used in combat.

All Contacts and Allies must be specified on your sheet at character creation. If you create a character with dots in Contacts and/or Allies, it is your responsibility to specify on your sheet who these people are and what they do. Any use of allies and contacts must be done through the staff.


Resources has been updated to reflect inflation.

  • Resources 1: Small savings: a small apartment and maybe a motorcycle. If liquidated, you would have about $1,300 in cash. Allowance of $650 a month.
  • Resources 2: Middle class: an apartment or condominium. If liquidated, you would have at least $10500 in cash. Allowance of $13b3b41 a month.
  • Resources 3: Large savings: a homeowner or someone with some equity. If liquidated, you would have at least $65000 in cash. Allowance of $4000 a month.
  • Resources 4: Well-off: a member of the upper class. You own a very large house, or perhaps a dilapidated mansion. If liquidated, you would have at least $650,000 in cash. Allowance of $12000 a month.
  • Resources 5: Ridiculously affluent: a multimillionaire. Your haven is limited by little save your imagination. If liquidated, you would have at least $6,500,000 in cash. Allowance of $40,000 a month.

Alternate Identity

Alternate Identification can be a useful thing for those who are "dead" to have. You may acquire a rudimentary ID that "fools the eye" only, is possible. But it is simply for looks, it will not pass even the most cursory of checks.

In order to acquire an ID that would pass some form of check, the following must be used:

Alternate ID Levels 1-2

  • at least Bureaucracy 2 (or)
  • at least Legal 3 (or)
  • at least Street 2 (or)
  • at least Underworld 2

Alternate ID Level 3

  • Bureaucracy - 2
  • Legal - 4 (or)
  • Street - 3 (or)
  • Underworld - 3

Alternate ID Level 4- 5

Will be up to Storytellers and will most certainly impact influences

Alternate Identity Levels

•You possess a basic form of identification that may be used for face-to-face checks, such as a routine stop.

••Your identification is legitimate enough to pass low-level inspection, such as the DMV or police computer records.

•••Your identification has reached the point where your birth and schooling records may be checked without concern.

••••Entire local departments believe your identity to be legitimate. Property records show this ID as the owner.

•••••Even the FBI sees your records and identification as ordinary and mundane.


Players are encouraged to have their characters delve into the world of influences. Influences are how Kindred are able to keep the masquerade and attain power and support themselves in some instances.

Attaining influences can be difficult but we will help you all we can. The following applies to most influence levels of 4 and 5.

Weeks needed to improve an Influence: 5 + New Influence Dots - Applied Relevant Skill.

Explaining relevant skills: Each Influence has two or more relevant skills that are considered integral to that influence. For each dot in that skill you will get a week off the total time needed to improve the influence. Example: You have politics 3, and want Political Influence 3. That means it will take 5+3-3 = 5 Weeks to go from Politics 2 to 3.

Cutting down the time: If you have a plan of attack, or an idea for how you can get your influence, the Staff can approve your plan, and take a week off the total time necessary. If you don't have a plan that's fine. You can always come up with one later, bring it to the staff for approval, and get your week off.

Thinking outside the box: Most influences will have a minimum of 2-3 core skills, but almost any ability on the sheet is viable, if you can think of how to do it. The Staff will approve skill usage outside the core skills if you've got a plan to make it work! Feel free to get clever. There's always more than one way to skin a cat.

The Roleplay Element: From Influences 3 and up there an increasing chances that you'll have a scene, or a small personal story that is centered around your pursuit of that influence. Depending on how these scenes go, and the decisions you make, you might shave a week off your time (if things go really well) or add a week to it (if things go very badly).