Our Rules
Clan Flaws

Each clan has been cursed by God with a flaw. These flaws MUST be played, this is not negotiable and no merits can be taken to negate a flaw. The flaws are as follows:


Brujah are quick to anger. They frenzy easily. They are not calm, cool and collected all the time. They feel everything that creates emotion much greater than other Kindred.

Brujah MUST play this. They are not quiet people, they are passionate and outspoken.

Brujah frenzy quite frequently. If you are unsure when to roll to avoid this, contact a staff member. All rolls to avoid frenzy are at +2 diff.

Brujah may never spend a willpower point to avoid Frenzy. Once in Frenzy, however, a willpower point may be used to come out of it.

Follower's of Set

Followers of Set are extremely susceptible to sunlight (double damage) and have great difficulty acting while under bright light (spotlights, strobes, etc.).


Every time a Gangrel frenzies, they acquire a temporary animal characteristic -- a patch of fur, a brief torpor after feeding, a skittishness around crowds, all and any of these may mar an Outlander after frenzy. Characteristics acquired in Gangrel frenzies need not only be physical -– they can be behavioral as well. These trait may replace an existing temporary one. Over time, or in an exceptional situation, a particular animal feature may become permanent, with the next frenzy adding a new feature.

Each frenzy-gained trait has some effect grounded in system mechanic terms (such as a temporary reduction of a social attribute or a permanent loss of Humanity), though sometimes they may only be narrative. What trait is obtained and how long each trait may last is left to ST discretion


Malkavians are insane. All of them. Every.last.one. This is not an option. All Malkavian chars have at least one (1) derangement. We do not recommend more at the outset of a new char.

Derangements MUST be played. These CAN be subtle, but things like "intolerance" or "anorexia" or "bulemia" are discouraged. These do not really interfere with how you play your char.

Malkavians can acquire derangements temporarily in ADDITION to their primary derangement. These come and go.

Malkavians can spend a willpower point to negate a derangement for ONE SCENE ONLY!

PS: Cute, cuddly, little children derangments are annoying and will likely be turned down. Keep that in mind. No spoon malks or fish malks allowed. If you decide to begin to play as such, you will be spoken to. If you continue, you will likely lose your character. Malkavians are NOT comic relief characters.


All Nosferatu are hideously ugly. We mean, gross, stinky, smelly, disgusting, deformed, unable to be in the same room with mortals ugly. All Nosferatu have an appearance of zero (0). Even when masked, their routine mask can not be higher than two (2) without real effort and many successes on a mask roll. So, don't have a mask picture of an app 5 model as your mask picture- it doesn't work that way.


All Ravnos have a vice that they must indulge in whenever the opportunity pops up. In order to ignore that, they must succeed in a self-control check to avoid indulging it.


When a Toreador sees or experiences something beautiful, whether it's a person, a work of art or even lovely brickwork in a building, the player must roll Self-control (diff 6). Failure means that the Toreador is transfixed by whatever they are seeing or hearing. The Toreador can not act for the duration of the scene aside from remarking upon whatever caught their attention. A botch means that the Toreador is completely enthralled and can not act at all. They also become obsessed with the object and will do anything to acquire it for a month.

If the object of the enthrallment is moved, ended or is destroyed, the captivation ends.

Enraptured Toreador may not defend themselves if attacked, though if they are wounded, they may make another Self-control roll to come out of the entrancement.


The Tremere flaw is quite simple. They are all bound one step to the Council of Seven. They can NOT take the unbondable merit. They each answer to the Council.

It takes only two draughts of another vampire’s blood for a Tremere to become blood bound instead of the normal three — the first drink counts as if the Tremere had taken two drinks. The clan elders are well-aware of this, and by clan law all neonate Tremere must drink of the (transubstantiated) blood of the seven Tremere elders soon after their Embrace


The real Tremere clan flaw is that they are mistrusted. Not many know WHY exactly, but they are. Maybe it's because they do wierd magic stuff. Maybe it's because they stick to themselves and are closed-lipped about what it is they can do exactly.


The Ventrue flaw is also quite simple, but also limiting. The Ventrue, due to their noble instincts, have discerning tastes. They each have a preference as to what sort of blood they can feed upon. This is the only sort of blood they can feed upon without incurring horrific vomiting episodes.

This "taste" can be as simple as "blondes" or "brunettes" or as complicated as "men under thirty who are gay and have blue eyes". The taste should fit the character and perhaps refer back to something in their background.

All Ventrue hunt at a +2 mod to their feeding diffs.