Our Rules
Combat Maneuvers

Here are the rules for some special cases in combat.

Attacking from Obfuscate

Attacks from Obfuscate may not be split to attack twice. You may split an attack from Obfuscate in order to save an action to defend later. Attacks from Obfuscate always count as surprise attacks, and gain the appropriate bonuses, even in mid-combat.

Attacking from the Rear

In our narrative style of running combat, this provides no dice bonus.

Drawing a weapon

Drawing a weapon takes one action and requires no roll, unless it is performed as part of a split action. If it is, then the roll is Dexterity+Melee/Firearms, difficulty 4.


Grapples have been powered down severely from the original rulebook. As any decent martial artist or police officer will tell you, a grapple hardly insures an armed opponent cannot do anything to you.

A successful grapple (Dex + Brawl, resisted with Dex + Athletics) does no damage, and opponents resist for free. A grapple allows you bite an opponent, prevents him from kicking, using long arms (rifles, shotguns) or large melee weapons (swords, clubs). However, he can still attack you with pistols, daggers, his fangs, fists and the like. He cannot leave combat or run away while he is grappled. You cannot use weapons while grappling someone. You may let go of a grapple as a free action on your turn. To drag or move a grappled individual, you must spend an action dragging and wrestling with them (contest of Strength + Brawl, Diff 6, each success gives you one foot of movement, their successes cancel.)

You can break a grapple during combat by rolling Strength + Brawl, resisted with Strength + Brawl by the grappler. The grappled character wins on ties. You can also attempt to drag your grappler around as an action (contest of Strength + Brawl, diff 6, each success gives you one foot of movement, their successes cancel).

You may not grapple again the round after your grapple was broken by your opponent.

Strength may be rolled automatically to inflict damage in a clinch. Others gain +2 dice when attacking the held target.


You must be grappled before attempting a bite. Bites are attempted with dex+brawl diff 6 and inflict str+1 aggravated damage. You cannot split a bite attack, though you may use celerity. Potence is not use in bite attacks. Bite attacks that do damage do not inflict "The Kiss". Drinking attacks do inflict "The Kiss" which can be resisted by rolling self control at diff 8 for vampires. Mortals may not resist. Bite attacks to drain blood draw up to 3 blood points per round, which cannot be sped up by celerity.

Potence does not add to the damage of bite rolls.