Our Rules

Types of Damage

Bashing damage is done by blunt instruments (clubs, crowbars, etc.), normal firearms and blunt trauma (falls). When a vampire suffers bashing damage, the damage is soaked using stamina and armor, then the total damage is halved, rounding down. Fortitude provides its level in automatic successes against bashing damage. Mortals and ghouls suffer bashing damage normally.

Lethal damage is done by cutting instruments (swords, knifes) and massive trauma (car wrecks, close ranged shotgun blasts). Head Wounds are considered lethal for Kindred. It is soaked using stamina and armor, and the damage is applied normally. Fortitude provides its level in automatic successes against lethal damage.

Aggravated damage is done by fire, sunlight and supernatural weapons to vampires. Fortitude does not provide automatic successes against aggravated damage, but you can roll a number of dice equal to your Fortitude level to soak aggravated damage, against a difficulty of 8. You cannot soak aggravated damage with Stamina, only with Fortitude. Armor soaks aggravated damage normally.

Fire and Sunlight

Fire and sunlight are the great banes to a Kindred's existence. You cannot soak damage from these sources below 1. That is, you always take at least one level of damage from attacks with flame or sunlight, no matter what your soak roll is.

Innate Weaponry

Vampire fangs and any innate weaponry (claws, spines, etc.) given to you by a Discipline allow you to do aggravate damage, with the exception of Vicissitude weapons that only do lethal.

An attack with normal vampire fangs does aggravated damage. You must be grappling or be grappled by someone to bite them. You cannot use Potence in biting attacks, and you may only bite once per turn, no matter how many split attacks you may have. Bite attacks for damage do not cause the Kiss, as bite attacks rend and tear into flesh like a predator's attack, rather than sink in and stay. Bite attacks to drain blood draw up to 3 blood points per round, which cannot be sped up by celerity.

Protean claws and other aggravated natural attacks besides fangs can use Potence, multiple attacks, etc. If Shape of the Beast's fight form is being used, the vampire can bite and claw without grappling and may use Potence, multiple attacks, etc. Flight form's innate weaponry does not cause aggravated damage, only lethal.

Unlike fire and sunlight, aggravated damage from natural weapons can be soaked completely by Fortitude.

Maiming Regeneration Times

When a character is severely maimed - losing a hand or leg - they will slowly regenerate over several nights.


  • fingers: 1 night per digit
  • multiple fingers: 2 nights
  • hands: 3 nights
  • at the elbow: 1 week
  • at the shoulder: 2 weeks


  • toes: 1 night per digit
  • Multiple toes: 2 nights
  • feet: 3 nights
  • at the knee: 2 weeks
  • at the hip: 1 month


  • eyes: 3 nights (for 1 or both)
  • ears: 1 night (for 1 or both)
  • nose: 1 night
  • tongue: 2 nights
  • teeth: 1 night
  • penis: 2 nights


Torpor is the deathlike sleep common to the undead, particularly among ancient vampires. Torpor may be entered voluntarily (certain undead, weary of the current age, enter torpor in hopes if reawakening in a more hospitable time) or involuntarily (through wounds or loss of blood).

Mortals have no torpor rating; if reduced below Incapacitated, they simply die.

Waking from Torpor

Voluntary Torpor

A character may enter torpor voluntarily. This state resembles the character's normal daily rest, but is a deeper form of slumber and should not be entered into lightly. A vampire in voluntary torpor may rise after half the mandatory time period for involuntary torpor, but must make an Awakening roll to do so. A torpid vampire may ignore the nightly need for blood; she is effectively in hibernation.

Involuntary Torpor

Here on Sanguinus, in order to help promote play through faster recovery times, we have tweaked the rules regarding involuntary torpor somewhat. Rather than remain dormant a specific amount of time according to your character's Humanity or Path rating, characters that fall into involuntary torpor have the option of being revived immediately by being fed at least a blood point of vitae. This vitae, however, must be from another Kindred at least one generation lower than the torpored vampire or more.

For example:

Rita is an 11th Generation. She must be fed the blood of a 10th Generation or lower (9th, 8th, etc.) to be revived.

A Kindred will -not- be able to revived by blood that is higher generation than their own. Upon being fed, the torpored vampire is now considered 1-step blood bound to the vampire that fed them. Upon being fed, the character must now deal with healing the damage and feeding in order to replenish their blood pool. In addition, the vampire who slips into torpor and is woken suffers a 1 point loss to a physical attribute to account for the the crippling effects of Torpor. This attribute will later be refunded after one months time.


Kindred do not regularly tell people their generation. Some might not even know what their generation is. Neonates also do not regularly possess a complete understanding of torpor and rising from it. A Kindred plays a dangerous guessing game if they choose to try to use their blood to wake another from torpor unless they're completely, or at least somewhat, certain of their bloods potency and their generation. Please do -not- let OOC information intrude on this, because we'll be watching. ROLEPLAY THIS ACCORDINGLY!

Awakening Roll

In order to wake from torpor, a character must make a Humanity or Path roll at difficulty 8. Each success allows the vampire to act for 1 turn. 5 successes allows the vampire to act for a whole scene.

Failure indicates the vampire slips back into slumber.

Botching means the vampire falls into sleep and can not try to awaken until the next sundown.