Our Rules

Experience points are given on a weekly basis, and your experience rewards are based on how much you have played and interacted with other characters and plotlines.

1 experience : 1 night of play, minimum interaction
2 experience : 2 to 3 nights of play, some interaction
3 experience : 3+ nights of play, considerable interaction with players and plotlines.

Players must request XP every week using the !requestxp command, before Sunday at Midnight. Any XP request made afterwards will be considered for the following week. Additional bonus XPs can be awarded solely at the discretion of the Storytellers.

If you feel you have done something extraordinary in the game, such as driving plot or instigating intrigue, you may petition the Storytelling Staff for extra xps. These will be awarded after the staff consults and if we feel it is appropriate. You are not guaranteed extra xps just because you request them.

Spending Experience

Players do not spend their own experience or update their own sheet. All XP spends must be approved by a Storyteller, and only they can record and adjust your experience pool. You cannot use any ability that is not on your sheet. Doing otherwise will result in us being... cranky.

All experience spends are at the discretion of the Storytellers. We take into account the game's current make-up, past behavior of characters, character concepts and anything else that strikes our fancy on whether or not to approve spends. As it says in our ground rules, you aren't entitled to anything.

Training Time

In order to get a new ability, you must inform the staff you are working on increasing a particular trait, and then wait a prerequisite amount of time before buying it. You can start working on an increase in anticipation of XP you don't currently have - for instance, you can start training for Brawl 3 (which takes three weeks) if you anticipate you having 4 XP at the end of that three weeks even if you do not have that much experience at this moment.

Teachers and Trainers

Some purchases require a trainer. In general, talents do not require anything but practice. Skills require training from someone, or some sort of coursework. Knowledges require good old fashion book learning or investigation. In-clan disciplines manifest without training, but out-of-clan disciplines require a trainer of one level higher than the level you are trying to learn, and you must drink the blood of a clan with that discipline in-clan.

Purchasing Disciplines

Purchasing disciplines, considering how disruptive high discipline levels can be to the game, have special restrictions.

The time between purchasing disciplines is one month minimum. You are still not entitled to buy one discipline on that exact date every month. This is simply the bare minimum amount of time it will take between purchasing one discipline dot and another - whether in the same discipline or in another one. We may require more than one month, depending on the circumstances.

The minimum time between combat discipline purchases (Potence, Celerity, Fortitude) is two months.

Character cannot buy disciplines twice in a row. Between purchases on disciplines, players must spend on other areas. This is to prevent characters from focusing solely on disciplines, and to help create better more rounded characters for the game. A character who seems to be "power leveling" may face even greater restriction between purchases.

Experience Table

TraitCostWeeks to purchase
New Ability31
New Background31
New Path (Necro. or Thaum.)74
New Discipline104 or 8
Attributecurrent rating x 4new rating x 2
Abilitycurrent rating x 2new rating x 1
Backgroundcurrent rating x 2new rating x 1
In-Clan Disciplinecurrent rating x 54 or 8
Other Disciplinecurrent rating x 74 or 8
Caitiff Disciplinecurrent rating x 64 or 8
Secondary Path (Necro. or Thaum.)current rating x 44
Ritual (Necro. or Thaum.)ritual level x 4ritual level x 1
Virtuecurrent rating x 2*ST Discretion
Humanitycurrent rating x 2ST Discretion
Willpowercurrent ratingST Discretion

* Does not increase related traits, such as Humanity or Willpower