Our Rules

Hunting on Sanguinus is handled with the Archon's !feed command. You can spend up to three hours every night feeding, and your character must stay out of play for the entire time he spends feeding. So no hopping into a channel between scenes, feeding and then going back into play. Feeding is best done right before or right after you start playing.


Your difficulty is determined by the area you feed in and by your character's abilities, disciplines and backgrounds. Keep in mind that botching a hunt attempt in some areas may prove far more disastrous than in others.

Low Blood Pools

When your blood pool falls below 4, you will be prompted with the following message when you enter a channel:

-Archon- Your character's has less than 4 points in their bloodpool, and is under risk of frenzy! Feed before playing, and contact a Storyteller.

In turn, the Staff is prompted with the following message:

Bloodpool is low, # BP

You must see a Staff member in #stchambers before going in character because you will need to roll for Hunger Frenzy

Areas and Their Difficulty

The feeding difficulties of various areas are listed in the Welcome to Branton section of the wiki.


Auspex : -1 if your character possesses the Auspex discipline.
Dominate : -2 if your character possesses the Dominate discipline.
Herd : -1 for each level of the Herd background.
Hunting : -1 for each level of the Hunting ability.
Obfuscate : -1 if your character possesses the Obfuscate discipline.
Presence : -1 if your character possesses the Presence discipline.
Fame : -1 for each level of the Fame background.

Eerie Presence : +2 for the Eerie Presence flaw.
Grip of the Damned : +4 for the Grip of the Damned flaw.
Low Humanity : +1 for each point of Humanity below 4
Monstrous/Nosferatu : +2 if you do not have Obfuscate.
Addiction : +2 if you have the Addiction flaw.
Prey Exclusion : +1 for the Prey Exclusion flaw.
Ventrue Clan Flaw : +2 if you are Ventrue.
Haunted: +2 if you are tormented by a spirit.
Domain : +1 for each level if you are hunting in another's domain without permission.


1 Missing Limb : +1 if you are missing one of your limbs.
2 Missing Limbs : +2 if you are missing two or more of your limbs.
Wounded/Mauled : +2 if you are at the Wounded or Mauled Health level.
Crippled : +5 if you are at the Crippled Health level.

Proxy Hunting

Proxy Hunting is the act of hunting for someone else if they are incapable of doing so, for whatever reason. It is an extremely difficult and dangerous task. Any Botches while Proxy Hunting will be VERY nasty.

The rules are as follows:

1. Must be done with ST Supervision only. The roll is made in #stchambers with a staff member present. Period.
2. More than one attempt can be made, but each roll takes a couple of hours, due to the difficulty of kidnapping the victim and dragging them back to the recipient of the blood.
3. Each success on the roll gains the recipient 1bp. This will be added in manually by the staff member supervising the hunt.

The roll is Wits+Hunting (if applicable), with a variable difficulty based on above table of modifiers (excluding Hunting, as it's part of the roll) and area difficulties. All proxy hunting rolls are made at +2 difficulty.