Our Rules

The world has lots of fancy gadgets in them. Our game is not about fancy equipment or cool toys. It's about vampires and gothic horror. The most important rule about all technology in our game is that the staff reserves the right to revoke the privilege of using any particular piece of tech for any reason (usually that its use has become annoying). And we may revoke this on an individual basis.

Mobile Phones

For general sanity's sake, we've placed several restrictions on the use of mobile phones in our game. The overriding rule? Phone play is discouraged as your primary form of roleplay or information passing.

Using Phones in Combat

To dial a number and get it ringing takes a total of 3 combat rounds. Grab your phone, find a number in it (not a quick dial), and get at least two rings. Took you about 10-15 seconds, didn't it? That translates to roughly 3 combat rounds.

A single combat round allows one or two short sentences to be said, and another two to be received. You cannot recite the Iliad into the phone in a single combat round.

Voice Mail

Leaving voice mail should be done through the private message feature on the forums, if the players is not currently online. If they are present but they put you 'to voicemail', just type out the message to them via private messaging. Please cc (copy to) the Storytellers group when you leave a voice mail for someone on the forum.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is allowed. But the rule above applies to this well. Texting can not be your primary source of play. Texting continually is not allowed. Texting when there are conversations going on is rude and is discouraged. This is a roleplay server. Roleplaying means interacting.

Voice Mail

ALL phone calls must be shared in the the phone calls channel on the server. All of them. No exceptions.

Computers, Laptops and Tablets

These are available, but mobile computers suffer all the same restrictions that mobile phones do. While laptops can access the forums (Such as the Elysium forum and City Council forum) They cannot access the BBS forums and the like, nor can they be used to illicitly record anything without special equipment and the direct involvement of the staff Also, keep in mind that computer usage can be traced and traced quite easily.

The most basic computer use, such as surfing the web and using a word processor, does not require a dot in Computers. However, any vampire who was embraced more than ten years ago should not be entirely comfortable with the technology without having at least a dot.


Please refrain from having long conversations as your decades and centuries old vampires about the various digital distractions you as a player may be interested in - console systems, Angry Birds, World of Warcraft and the like. The reasons for this should be obvious and whatever irony or cache it might have, it's already been done.


The Drive ability is considered to cover the ability to drive under pressure. Just getting from A to B in a normal car with an automatic transmission does not require the Drive ability, but you will be rolling at unskilled when dealing with anything unusual - like dodging oncoming traffic or losing a tail. The Drive ability is required for manual transmissions, eighteen wheelers and the like.