Our Rules
Weapons and Armor

All weapons and equipment must be approved by the Storyteller and be on your sheet. Use of unapproved equipment (even if you thought they were approved and they were not recorded) is cheating. Weapons of mass destruction are banned, and military-grade hardware is going to be very hard to come by.

We have a very minimal selection of weapons on the server. When it comes to firearms, we really don't care what the difference is between a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 72 shotgun. You get a shotgun that acts pretty much all other shotguns. Similar philosophy applies to katanas vs. broadswords and so forth. If you want something special, feel free to act all bad-ass with your Wind and Fire Wheels, but when the dice are thrown, they act just like Short Swords.

No weapons or ammunition with statistics or abilities different from the ones listed here will be approved. Disregard any weapons tables or lists in any White Wolf material.

Melee Weapons Table

This table shows the available types of melee weapons and their statistics.
(Conc)ealability = (P)ocket, (J)acket, (T)renchcoat, (N)one.

Name Diff Damage Type Min Str Conc Resources
Improvised* 8 Str+1 Bash 1 N 0
Baseball Bat/Crowbar 6 Str+2 Bash 2 T 1
Battle Axe/Broadsword 6 Str+4 Leth 2 N 4
Chainsaw** 8 Str+4 Leth 2 N 2
Dagger/Knife 6 Str+1 Leth 1 P 1
Longsword 6 Str+3 Leth 2 T 3
Shortsword 6 Str+2 Leth 2 J 1
Staff 6 Str+3 Bash 1 N 2
Stake*** 6 Str+1 Leth 1 J 0
Sword Cane**** 6 Str+2 Leth 2 T 4

*Chair, 2x4, etc.
**Takes one round to start, damage yourself if you botch
***Can paralyze vampires if staked through the heart (Diff 9, at least three damage done)
****Takes two full actions to draw.

Firearms Table

This table shows the available types of firearms and their statistics. Fully automatic weapons require special approval from the Storytellers.

Silencers: A majority of guns cannot be fitted with a silencer, and those which can be, the silencer degrades with a dozen or so shots.

Type Dmg Range Rate Clip Conc Resources
Lt. Revolver 4 12 3 6 P 1
Hvy. Revolver 6 35 2 6 J 2
Lt. Pistol 4 20 4 17+1 P 2
Hvy. Pistol 5 30 3 7+1 J 3
Rifle 8 200 1 5+1 N 2
Light SMG* 4 50 3 30+1 J 3
Heavy SMG* 5 25 3 20+1 T 4
Assault Rifle* 7 150 3 32+1 N 4
Sawed-Off Shotgun** 8 10 2 2 T 2
Semi-Auto Shotgun** 8 20 3 5+1 N 2
Assault Shotgun* ** 8 20 3 8+1 N 5

*Fully automatic, burst or single-shot available. Fully automatic weapons require influence to get.
**Does lethal damage at less than 3 yards.

Special Ammunition

Bullets are for the most part bullets. Gunslingers amongst the damned may wax eloquent about their chrome-tipped glazer and manstopper rounds. But for the most part, it does not really matter. We only use special rules for three types of ammunition. All special ammunition requires storyteller approval.

Armor Piercing Rounds

Armor-piercing rounds decrease the damage of firearm by one, while ignoring all armor soak.

Incendiary Rounds

Despite popular belief, normal incendiary and tracer rounds are not enough to start a fire on anything less flammable than paper, and do not do aggravated damage to vampires. However, there is one class of bullet that can cause aggravated damage to vampires. Explosive incendiary rounds are rare military-grade rounds, and characters acquiring them will be lucky to get one or two magazines worth. The first level of damage they do to a vampire is aggravated and the rest is lethal.

Dragon's Breath Rounds

These shotgun shells convert a shotgun into a one-shot flamethrower by shooting a cone of flame and sparks out of the end. A shotgun can only fire two Dragon's Breath rounds before it is rendered inoperable. A Dragon's Breath round does 5 dice of aggravated damage. They are rare military-grade rounds, and getting your hands on one or two will take some doing.


This table shows the various armor types, and their soak dice against Bashing, Lethal, Guns, and Fire. As well as the Dexterity penalty for wearing them, and the minimum resources needed to get that armor.

All armor must be approved by the Storyteller and be on your sheet. Use of unapproved equipment (even if you thought they were approved and they were not recorded) is cheating.

Type Bash Leth Gun Fire Penalty Resources

Modern Armor

Heavy Clothes 2 0 0 0 0 1
Biker Leathers 1 1 0 0 0 1
Light Kevlar Vest 0 0 2 0 0 2
Heavy Kevlar Vest 0 1 3 0 -1 2
Tailored Armor 0 2 3 0 -2 4
Full Body Armor** 1 3 4 0 -3 4*
Riot Gear** 3 3 5 0 -4 5*
Flame Retardant Suit** 0 0 0 3 -4 4*

Archaic Armor

Leather Armor 1 2 0 0 -1 3
Chainmail 0 3 0 0 -2 4
Full Plate** 4 5 0 0 -4 5

*Influences required
**Cannot be concealed