Our Rules

Willpower ratings are a measure of a person's internal drive and ability to do things over and above the norm, the ability to exert ones will over one's actions. Willpower is also the measure of a persons inner firmness, decisiveness, determination, resolution and persistence. Vampires are known to have a distinct ability to use and direct their will. Vampires with high willpower are not doormats or wishy-washy or even indecisive. They are firm, know what they want and do not allow themselves to be used.

We all like to use willpower for that 'one success guaranteed' thing, but in reality the only time you should be guaranteed a success is when you are really, really concentrating to accomplish a task. This would include such things as trying to lift a car off your foot, shooting a gun, jumping, etc. The sorts of things where trying really hard would make a difference.

Things like research are not included in this. You can concentrate all you want, but if the information is not there, no amount of concentration is going to find it. It can only be used for tasks which of critical importance/life-threatening and where trying harder can make a real difference.

No willpower can be used on reflexive rolls unless, for instance, you are trying really hard to lie and not get caught. But you can not use it on empathy rolls.