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Chat Standards

NO IC in the OOC

That is pretty much self-explanatory, there will be no discussion in the OOC channel of current or sensitive in character information. Period.

Nick Extensions

When you are using certain powers, we require that you add these extensions to your name. For example, John using Mask of a Thousand Faces would change his nick to 'John_msk'.

_ast - For someone in astral form.
_msk - For Mask of the 1000 faces.
_obf - For obfuscated individuals.
_dsg - For a disguised person.
_hdn - For someone who is hiding.


Actions and Speaking

All actions are done one of two ways. The first is when you are starting your post by emoting an action. For this, you use the /me command. Archon will display the action as * Yourname does something.

example: /me walks over to the door. (* Dane walks over to the door.)

If you are putting dialog in the same post as the action, denote this with quotation marks, and only quotation marks.

example: /me walks over to the door. "See you later!"

The other way of doing actions is by ::putting them between a set of double colons::. You use double colons when you have spoken first in a post, and then wish to emote something.

example: Hey, did you get that thing I sent? ::She takes a seat, crossing her legs.::

Do not *use asterisks to denote actions*, or one set of colons:, ~or any other fancy punctuation you can come up with~.

Message Prefixes

We use several prefixes before our sentences to indicate how someone is talking.

<p> : Indicates a phone conversation. If you see this in a room, it means you are listening to one half of a phone call.

<*language*> : Indicates something being spoken in another language. For example, "<French> Good evening, my dear." Please do not speak in foreign languages in character, even if you know them. There are plenty of characters who speak languages that their players do not.

<q>, <w>, <m> : Means 'quietly', 'whispered', and 'muttered' respectively. Other characters should react appropriately.

Speaking Out of Character

First of all, we have an entire channel dedicated to telling us about your day, making fart jokes and general tomfoolery. That is #ooc. If you need to say something out of character, try to keep it in the proper channel. Posting out of character in the middle of a scene removes other players from the drama of the scene, and also adds to confusion. In the event that you need to post out-of-character commentary outside of #ooc or private messages...

Do: (( Put your comments in two parenthesis. ))

Do Not: ( Use one set. ) Use other types of brackets <<like any of these>> {or these}.

Phone Calls and Other Denotations

First and foremost on the subject of phone calls... never ever call anybody who's number you don't have. That's called metagaming, and it's bad, mmkay?

Phone calls with other players are conducted in private message (query window) unless you are both in the same channel (for instance, you're both in monument park on opposite sides of the park, trying to find each other. You can simply run the call in #monumentpark in that case.)

Secondly, when you are in an IC channel with other players and also on the phone, you must always run your half of the call in the channel and in the query window. If you are standing right in front of my character in #elysium, and talking to another character on the phone who is someplace else, I can and should hear what you are saying, so post what you are saying in #elysium as well as on the call. Remember that denotes being on the phone.

Example: In #elysium...
* <Audrey> <p> I didn't know that.
* Roxie listens quietly, not looking directly at Roxie on the phone.
* Victor moves his chess piece, glancing up once to Roxie as she speaks.
* <Audrey> <p> Oh.. wow.

If somebody is using heightened senses, and are in a reasonably close distance to you, they can hear the other half of the call as well. Paste the other half of the conversation in Query message to them.

Stressing Words or Phrases

We have one way, and only one way of stressing words here and that is with -two dashes-.

Do: Oh, you think -I'm- the stupid one?

Do not: Oh, you think *I'm* the stupid one? | Oh, you think ~I'm~ the stupid one? | Oh, you think I'm the stupid one?