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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive. Before emailing or contacting us, please read them over.

What is IRC? How do I use it?

It's short for Internet Relay Chat. It's a way of setting up chat rooms and chat servers on the Internet. There are several programs for using IRC, called 'clients'. We have a guide to them here.

What is a roleplaying game?

A roleplaying game is a game where you take on the role of another person, a character, and narrate their actions with other players. On IRC, it is like a collaborative writing project, but with rules and dice to roll to determine whether or not your character can actually do something.

What is Vampire the Masquerade?

Vampire the Masquerade, or VtM for short, is a roleplaying game, published by White Wolf. In it, you play vampires engaged in eternal Byzantine politics and warfare with other vampires, as they vie for power and domination.

They stopped printing it in 2004, and replaced it with a game called Vampire the Requiem. We did not like Vampire the Requiem that much, so we decided to keep Vampire the Masquerade alive here.

Vampire Fifth Edition was released in 2018, revitalizing and updating the Masquerade world.

How do I start playing?

We have skillfully provided a guide to that here.

I can't log into the server. Can you help?

Please consulting the Using IRC section for technical support and advice.

Can I play a Baali / Werewolf / Methuselah / Snuffalufagus / etc. / etc.?

Please consult the character creation guidelines. And a word of warning - before you get your hopes up, we require first-time players to start with a standard character. Prove to us you are the best roleplayer since sliced bread, and then we'll talk about your "less than normal" character concepts.