Our Server
The Server Rules

These are the rules for playing on our server. Not the game rules, they are the rules for how you should behave while you are signed on. Please consult them carefully, we expect you to follow them.

Playing is a privilege, not a right.

Do not take this the wrong way, but you are not entitled to anything. All characters are subject to approval, and any character is subject to removal from the game by the Storytellers at any time. Likewise, a player can be banned for any reason at any time the staff feels it necessary. Please refer to the Player's Code of Conduct above. We have also helpfully Globally stickied this on the forum.

Be realistic.

Pretty simple rule. Don't act like you can hear across a room without any Auspex. Don't act like you can immediately recognize someone who was only a fleeing silhouette in an alleyway two blocks away. The Storytellers consider too much 'convenient' information from a character to be a form of cheating.

Be mature and respectful.

This is a game, and it is only a game. Keep the drama in-character, and only in-character. Do not harass other players, or target a character because you don't like the player.

No idling.

If you are not roleplaying, you should not be logged into the server. We run this server for free and we don't want you using up our bandwidth unless you are playing the game. Idling for more than 2 hours will result in a five day ban.

No cheating.

We have a zero-tolerance rule toward cheating. Anyone who is cheating (using powers that are not on their character sheet, ignoring a feeding botch, etc.) will be banned. Our bots watch for these behaviors, and we keep logs. You are warned.

No bots.

The only bots that should be running are ours. The IP that an unauthorized bot comes from will be banned, no questions asked.

No minors.

You must be 18 years old or older to play on our server. We are not an adult or pornographic game, but we do deal with mature levels of violence and general hideous monstrous perversion. And if we're going to run a scene of the Sabbat decapitating a naked pregnant hooker with a machete, we'd like to do it without kids around.


We here at Sanguinus do not condone the graphic depiction of sexual acts between characters. Our policy is simple- should you character engage in those acts, you must "Fade to Black."

Sexual Assault

We do not, repeated do NOT allow the portrayal or even implication of sexual violence toward another character. Anyone who attempts to roleplay this will be immediately banned

Chat Etiquette or Chatiquette

We have an extensive guide on the Sanguinus Wiki. You may find it Here. Please read it and heed it, it makes reading a text-based game so much easier.