Our Setting
Our World of Darkness

Our version of the World Of Darkness is similar to the original World of Darkness at the beginning of White Wolf's Second Edition. While the year remains our current year, there has been no metaplot, no Gehenna, nothing like that.

Second vs. Third Edition World of Darkness

For those not familiar with all that has changed since then, here's a list of the big differences between Third Edition and our version of the World of Darkness.

The Leader of the Camarilla

Due to events that your character may or may not be aware of in the original New Corsica chronicle, the leader of the Camarilla is Louis Alamuerte, former Prince and Architect of New Corsica. Upon his assumption of power in the Camarilla, Valentue Duprie, his former Seneschal took over Praxis in New Corsica.

Hardstadt the Younger is dead, along with his childe, Jan Pieterzoon


Gehenna has not happened. We still may be in the Final Nights, but the coming of Caine is not on the horizon just yet.

The Week of Nightmares

The Week of Nightmares never occurred. The Ravnos are still a major and thriving clan, and Ravenna slumbers somewhere in the world still.

Clan Malkavian

Non-Sabbat Malkavians still have Dominate as their in-clan disciplines, and do not have access to Dementation. There is no Malkavian Madness Network, or Malk Time and related abilities.

Tremere Antitribu

House Goratrix has not been destroyed. The small brood of Tremere Antitribu still exists within the Sabbat.

The Anarch Free States

The Anarch Free States still control the West Coast of the United States, and continue to try and spread their revolutionary message across the rest of the continent. The Cathayans have stayed in the East, where they belong.

The Sabbat

The Sabbat have lost their control of New York but remain in control of Montreal. The East Coast has been become a battlefield from the Mason-Dixon line south. Washington DC and Baltimore have fallen to the Sabbat, along with many of the major cities along the Eastern Seaboard. The Sabbat remain in control of Mexico.

New Orleans, Louisiana is now a city that is closed to most clans aside from the Samedi, Setite and others. Those in charge are vying to make it into the Voodoo Capital of the US and Necromancy is openly practiced.

Milwaukee and most of Wisconsin is an area under siege. They are beset on all sides by Sabbat and Werewolves and the Anarchs have mostly left, in the company of the Former Tremere Regent for parts unknown.

Salubri Antitribu

This clan does not exist in 2nd Edition.

The Current State of the Jyhad

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The map above shows the vampire political situation in the United States. North America remains locked in a persistent tug of war between the fledgling Anarch Free States, the encroaching Sabbat and the powerful strongholds of the Camarilla.

Camarilla areas are in purple. The Camarilla maintains its historic hold on most of the American Rustbelt and parts of the Southwest. While the Plain States are nominally under Camarilla control, the constant threat of the lupines and the sparse mortal population make vast tracts of the western half of the nation a Kindred no-man's land, save for the largest cities. Much to the Anarch Movement's chagrin, the Camarilla keeps firm hold on two cities in northern California bordering the Free States, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Sabbat controlled areas are in red, where the Sabbat has driven out almost all Camarilla influence. Sabbat strongholds flourish in the South and Eastern Seaboard and south in Mexico.

Sabbat contested areas, in purple-grey, are the frontlines of the Jyhad. These areas either see a constant give and take between the two great sects, or are areas where the Sabbat are moving to set-up a power base.

Anarch controlled areas, in blue, are an anomaly only found in North America. In addition to the hopeful and young Anarch Free States in California and Seattle, the only other pocket of Anarch control is to the North, in Madison, Wisconsin, which fell to them much to everyone's surprise decades ago in a series of complicated events.

Anarch contested areas are far less violent than Sabbat contest ones. These symbolizes areas that the Anarchs have not laid formal claim to, but where Anarch gangs move without resistance or care. If there are Princes in these areas, they are either young and intimidated by the large Anarch population of their city or simply allow free passage to the Movement.

Independent controlled areas, in green, are areas held by Independent clans and are largely closed to any other Clans, be they Camarilla or Sabbat.