Our Setting
The City of Chicago

Chicago. The Windy City. The Hog Butcher to the World. Second City. Chitown.

All these are phrases have been used to describe Chicago. In a way, each capture the essence of the town while obfuscating the truth of what it is. The truth is is that Chicago is alive, it lives late into the night. It is real in a way that no other city is. New York has grown into a nightmare of itself, and Los Angelos. is an illusion crafted by the deluded and fed by the idealistic. Chicago is real, Chicago is the third coast; the shore upon which you can land and make a future.

When you look upon "The City that Works" it's not just it's past. It continued to operate when others failed. What you are seeing is a machine, a machination that started the moment the first cornerstone was laid and continues to play out to this very night. Chicago's every nook and cranny is part of a plan. Chicago isn't a singular vision; that is where its horror and strength lies. Chicago's every brick and rebar was laid by the plan of someone, and the heat of the conflict of those plans have forged a city that is both beautiful to behold and as unstoppable as the behemoths of myth.

Across the U.S., many cities appear to be striving to become urban theme parks—cities as concepts, cities as come-ons. They're tarted up—they know that the suburbs have won, and that the people aren't coming back. So they dress their downtowns up like a desperate divorcees—week long festivals, gimmicky food-and-shopping malls, special "nights"—in the hopes that the people who have moved on will occasionally have brief gasps of nostalgia.

Chicago is not a desperate, and it is not a concept. It is what it always has been: a city. A true one—and maybe it will be the last one standing. Visitors are welcome, but not necessary. Those elevated tracks aren't for show—they are what they appear to be. That roar from the trains isn't garish affectation—it's there every day and every night. Wrigley Field isn't some cute marketing top, some "chic" structure to lure the failing.

Chicago soldiers forward, and like the rails it moves on its path carrying those who come inevitably to their destination on a plan laid out long before they arrived. For some that plan was one of their own determination, for others the rails were selected for them long ago. Either way, the machine continues to move. The Plan continues to unfurl and always, always Chicago is the city that Works.