Our Setting
New Corsica, City of Gateways

The view soars over the rolling dark blue waves of the Gulf of Mexico, and your eyes drift upward, seeing city lights highlighted against a twilight sky.

A lighthouse stands in a craggy island, a centuries-old spear of iron and brick piercing into the night. Beyond it, the vast metropolis sprawls against the seacoast.

A light rain fills the air as you look upon this place, halfway between the dreams and nightmares of a thousand architects. Monuments of tarnished bronze and pitted rock are dwarfed in the stone and glass towers.

Vast sprawls and ghettoes fill the worst edges of this city, while in vast mansions the richest live in a world of chiming champagne glasses and richly lit ballrooms. The evidence of once proud French heritage rots in the old quarters, as seas of neon glow light up the club districts.

On the coastline, the refineries and plants - the demons of industry - pour poison into the sea and sky.

Then you realize it is no metropolis, it is a noctropolis - a city of night. It is the city of darkness, of the purest gothic. It is New Corsica, the City of Gateways.