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Anarch Lore

• Level 1

Sadly, this is the level of Anarch Lore most Anarchs are at. They are not the most scholarly bunch, and even if some might retain more through experience, their life expectancy is not that high. This level of lore corresponds to someone who has spent several months in the Free States or as a member of the Movement elsewhere.

The Anarch Movement is a resistance and revolutionary cause, seeking to reform (if it can) or overthrow (if it must) a corrupt tyranny of the elders known as the Camarilla, a system which seeks to oppress all Kindred under the eternal dictatorship of the eldest vampires who control it. The Movement is just that, a movement. There is no central command, no high commander of the cause. All anarchs are drawn together by the dream of freedom and equality.

The Camarilla isn't all the Movement fights against. Another group, the Sabbat, is just as bad. In fact, its worst. They are fanatics who want you dead, or so everyone tells you. You have been warned several times never to trust them, even if they are against the Cammies too.

While the Anarchs have no official leaders, some members have more respect than others, people who are mentioned in stories told late at night, of the victories of the Movement. These are the people with rep, and when they talk, people tend to listen. You have a good sense how this system works.

The Movement used to be more violent in the past, and they seized several cities on the West Coast. But there's some agreements between the Movement and the Tower (what they call the Camarilla), keep things from being an all out shooting war. You've heard the names - Convention of Thorns, Edict of Barbs. They are still controversial in the Movement. It seems like a very old argument.

You have been coached in the standard propaganda of the Anarch Movement, and are familiar in a passing way with the Traditions. You know most Anarchs don't give a shit about these rules, though they do agree with the Masquerade, and that we shouldn't be making kids left and right.

•• Level 2

This level of lore of a 'senior' member of the Anarch Movement, the cynical and grizzled veterans of the Movement that have survived a decade or two without switching sides or getting their heads blown off.

The Movement does not have a central command, you already knew this, but it doesn't even have a standard way of operating. There are different types of anarchs - terrorists, conscious dissenters, militants, moderates, amongst others. They are divided into factions, united by the cause but divided by the means. Some seek to bring the Camarilla to its knees with grandiose violence - these guys usually die quick - or organize an army to oppose the Camarilla - they usually die slightly less quickly. Moderates and conscious dissenters want to change the Camarilla from within, or just be left alone.

You know the faces and names of most of the famous modern Anarchs, and know which cities are part of the Free States. You know the story of the Free States, and you've heard stories of an even older Anarch Revolt, way back in the day. Apparently, that's where the Anarchs first came from. The Cam and the Sabbat were in on it too, somehow.

You've actually heard the Convention of Thorns, the Status Perfectus and Edict of Barbs, more or less verbatim, and know a handful of different interpretations.

••• Level 3

This level would be possessed by the minor icons of the Anarch movement - influential Barons, and others who have more recently risen to lead the rebellious youth of the Kindred.

You know most of the particulars of Anarch politics outside of where you were inducted. You know which gangs fight for which turf throughout the Free States, how individual cities are carved up and know the leaders of the Movement throughout the continent. You know the names and leaders of the most powerful Anarch gangs, and probably have met few.

You've graduated a bit in your Anarch philosophy. You could argue the legal details of the Convention of Thorns with a Camarilla official, and maybe even win. You could run a Barony, or hold your own as an Anarch gang leader out west, if you wanted to.

Through all the bitching and moaning at Anarch meetings, you've managed to glean a bit more about the history of the Movement. You can recount in full detail the events leading up to the fall of Los Angeles and the massive wave of rebellion that swept the West Coast decades ago, and how fractured the Movement has become since.

You've also learned a lot more about the original revolt. Elders were no different back in the old days, and sent their young to go fight and die in droves in the waves of terror that the Inquisition created. The first Anarchs were the childer who attacked their sires rather than put up with being cannon fodder and dying so that the old farts could live. The Sabbat either split off from the Anarchs or just showed up at the same time, the story varies, with the same idea but fucked up Satanic crap attached.

•••• Level 4

The most notorious members of the modern Anarch Movement are this level, and usually have their knowledge by experience rather than second-hand. They know the history of the modern Anarchs because they made it.

You know the details of almost all that goes on in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, along with all the other Free States. You even have a good sense of which prominent figures are truly dedicated to the Movement, and who are just waiting for a chance to sell out. You could probably even get a couple members of the Anarch Council on the phone if you wanted to. You know every dipshit barony between San Diego and Vienna.

What gaps you have in the history of the modern revolt have long since been filled. You know who did what to who and when. Who killed who, who might have diablerized who, you know all the juiciest bits of the chaos that happened on the West Coast. As for the ancient history, you've got a lot more ancient history too. You know how the Camarilla was created only after the first Anarch Revolt, sometime around 1400 or 1500 AD, and how the Camarilla was made as a smokescreen for the elders to continue to control the neonates.

The Sabbat's relation to the Anarchs has become more disturbingly clear as well. In the beginning, there was no way to tell the difference between the Anarchs and the Sabbat, and only toward the end did the Anarchs give up on diablerie and mass mayhem as a tactic. The Sabbat retained the original tactics of the Revolt, and went on dedicate themselves to diabolical religious fanaticism to keep it all going. You are also pretty sure almost all the really old Anarchs have tasted the soul of an elder or two... or three.

••••• Level 5

This amount of knowledge is only commonly found amongst those few surviving Anarchs who have lived since the First Revolt, and have stayed with the Movement since.

You could get the entire Anarch Council on a conference call, and with a bit of work, probably get them all to dance to your tune. You know the really nasty secrets of some of the prominent anarchs, and could get in touch with the Anarchs most hunted by the Camarilla, given enough time.

You know all the shit that went down centuries ago, and why the First Revolt erupted. A brutal combination of the Inquisition, perpetual war between the clans, and a system that allowed for nothing but eternal slavery drove those young vampires to destroy their elders and seize power for themselves. Back then, there was no philosophy, only revenge. It only coalesced into a movement for freedom later, with the rise of democracy and all the philosophies of individualism that have marked Western society since. You can see past the romantic veneer on the First Revolt and see it for what it truly is.

You don't just suspect who diablerized. You know, and you can name who and when. You've rubbed shoulders with quite a few of the big names, like Smiling Jack. You probably don't see what the big deal is about them, not anymore at least.