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Camarilla Lore

• Level 1

This level of lore represents the level of knowledge of a common citizen of the Camarilla, or that of a vampire that has regular dealings with the Camarilla. It covers the basics of how to survive in Camarilla territory.

The Camarilla is the most structured and most powerful society of vampires in the world. As a vast and ancient conspiracy, the Camarilla seems able to control the entire world, playing nations as pawns in its games, and having more money and influence than God, the Republican National Committee and the Mafia put together. It is not without opposition though, there are other vampires which oppose its power and favor far crueler methods. You know only a name: the Sabbat.

While the Camarilla has a high ruling council of some sort, you are not sure as to the details. The seven founding clans are considered under the protection of the Camarilla, and given representation in almost every city. For the most part, the Camarilla is set up as a series of city states spread across the world.

Each city is ruled by a Prince, and you are familiar with the various public offices of the Prince's court, such as primogen, harpies and the Seneschal. The Prince's word is law, and if you are a rank neonate, you best listen to everyone who has any more station than you. Status is all important, and if you are young, you do not get much. The elders rule. And boons, a kind of currency amongst the damned, are earned and traded.

While every Prince can write his own laws and make up his own rules, there are some rules that even he has to abide by. You can repeat the Six Traditions in spirit though perhaps not word for word, and while these mainly give the Prince tremendous power, they are the common law of the Camarilla. There are other laws as well, ones even Princes have regretted breaking. You know of the sanctity of Elysium and the unforgivable crime of Diablerie.

•• Level 2

This level of lore represents the knowledge of a up and coming neonate, a Whip, or perhaps an experienced vampire who has put a century behind him, traveled more than his share and having talked to the right people. This may also represent a Sabbat operative who has spent a great deal of time (and energy to stay alive) in the Camarilla. You know more than just the basic workings of the Camarilla and why it works the way it does.

The Camarilla's great enclaves lie in Europe, but from there, the grand society's tendrils spread throughout the world. The Camarilla in America is seen as something as a start-up by the old European vampires, for the Kindred in the New World are usually far younger. But for all their posturing, you know the Camarilla has not been around since the beginning of time. It was created centuries in the dark past, during some kind of crisis.

Most of the Camarilla's territorial struggles seem to be in America. The East Coast has constant trouble with the Sabbat, as you have personally witnessed and apparently that horrid cult of vampires has quite a bit of territory there and has an absolute grip on Mexico. You have heard that the Camarilla considers the Sabbat monsters and rabid killers. On the West Coast, younger vampires have thrown off the Traditions, calling themselves the 'Free States'.

You can repeat the Traditions verbatim without much trouble, including all that stodgy old-style language. You can name the Princes of two or three cities besides the one you serve under, but depending on what has happened politically, your information might be out of date. You have heard whispers of powerful figures in the Camarilla who can sit in judgment over even Princes - Archons, Justicars - and that the Camarilla is ruled by a group called the Inner Council, with elder representatives of each of the seven clans. You have heard of a great gathering of Camarilla Kindred called a Conclave, and it is apparently only called to deal with a great crisis, beyond the control of a Prince.

You have become far more aware of the role of the Primogen Council and the various court officers, and how widely the situation can vary from city to city. One city might have a weak puppet prince under the thumb of the Council, while another city might have the Council serve merely as an advisory 'peanut gallery' for the Prince. You have heard a secret position - the Scourge - which almost all Princes deny exists, but few Kindred doubt that most princes have one. The Scourge is charged with hunting down the unacknowledged.

You are far more familiar with the functions and ways of Status, and how the harpies can grant wishes or create nightmares in this regard. The boon system is slightly less arcane to you, but it has become clear that it is very much up for interpretation what is 'fair' or not. Once again the harpies hold the keys there. You are familiar with polite court and Elysium etiquette.

••• Level 3

This level of lore would be representative of a Primogen, Prince or experienced lesser official within a city. You have dealt with the Camarilla on every level, had brushing contact with the true powers of the Camarilla, and know what can be gotten away with... and what cannot.

The Camarilla has existed since around the birth of the Renaissance, and was created as a response to the Inquisition and the Anarch Revolt. Before that, the clans kept to themselves, fought amongst each other, and often ruled directly over humanity. But with the fires of the Burning Times, all that was changed. You are familiar with the Treaty of Thorns and the events that lead up to the founding of the Camarilla, joining the seven clans into one great conspiracy.

You know that the Justicars are the great enforcers of the Camarilla, and are served by their harbingers and assistants, the Archons. You have heard of the Red List, the record of those who are universally anathema in all Camarilla territory.

You are keenly aware of the current struggles and conflicts of the Camarilla throughout the world. You know which cities are held by the Anarch Free States (upstarts trying to recapture the glory of the Anarch revolt) and the Sabbat ("horrible monsters" with no respect for law, order or the Masquerade), and which cities are almost constantly embroiled in conflict. You are aware that the capitals of Europe such as London and Paris are great strongholds of Camarilla power; and that New York and Mexico City fill a similar role for the hated Sabbat.

At this level, you are not only familiar with the Traditions, but also in their various and more novel interpretations. If inclined to, you could feel comfortable debating their particulars before the Prince. You can name the Princes of many nearby cities and the Princes of the most powerful cities in the nation. You are also aware of some of the more novel political situations in the Camarilla, such as the Primogen Council ruling directly over Chicago.

You are know the ins and outs of Camarilla etiquette quite well, and could survive an Conclave without causing an incident. You may have even attended one at this point. You have a vague idea of how to contact an Archon, but only a vague one and you know enough to know they are not to be contacted lightly.

•••• Level 4

A major and experienced Prince or Primogen would garner this level of information. Facing one with this level of lore can be borderline dangerous. There is no telling whose numbers are in such a figure's proverbial Rolodex.

You know the history of the Camarilla, from its foundation to modern day, and know of its great victories and hideous setbacks. You know the short history of the rise of the Anarch Revolt, the details of the Convention of Thorns and various other snippets of Camarilla struggle, such as the rise of the Free States. You know of the various treaties that the Camarilla has signed, and their role in the histories of Clan Giovanni and Clan Assamite (though little else about these clans).

You can name almost all Camarilla-held cities of importance, and their Princes, and you could contact the primogen of your clan throughout the country - though you best have a good reason. If you so desired, you could even contact a Justicar, not that you have any guarantee you would survive the encounter. You know the names on the Red List, and have heard dark stories of their crimes. You know the names of the members of the Inner Council.

You are equally at home in a grand meeting or in the local Elysium, and can placate the eldest of the Camarilla by rote. You know what is to be said and when to say it during a Conclave, though whether you are adept in this depends on your Etiquette. If you are diplomatically inept, it is due to a lack of skill, not ignorance, at this point.

••••• Level 5

A true scholar or an elder who was around for the centuries of the Camarilla's reign might know this much. There are very few who can see this much of the big picture of the Camarilla, and they are both prized and feared.

You can flip through a history book and know which side the Camarilla supported just about anywhere and at anytime, or perhaps which faction of the Camarilla supported which side. The breadth of the society's power plays are known to you, including long silenced failures and embarrassing oversights. You know enough not to mention them though, at least not out loud. You know each of the great treaties of the Camarilla, along with who wrote them and why.

You can name most of the Princes and significant city officials in the world, along with each Archon, Justicar and possibly some of their powerful childer and allies. You know the inner workings of the highest echelons of the Camarilla, and know how Archons and Justicars are selected. If you had a chance, you would know who to contact to try and join their distinguished number. Of course, at this level, you know better than to want that too badly.