Our Setting
IRC Channels

Various channels on the IRC server represent various parts of town or serve some game purpose. Here are more in-depth descriptions of each channel. When a channel is marked " only", you must either be a member of that clan, be brought there by a member of that clan, or get approval from a Storyteller to be there - even if you have been there before.

Out of Character Channels

These channels serve some sort of out of character purpose.

  • #ooc : Our OOC channel, where players can socialize and hang out out of character.
  • #stchambers : If you need a Storyteller, join this channel.
  • #approvals : This channel is used for going over submitted characters and getting them approved.
  • #help : This is where our helpers hang out to deal with general questions about the game and the setting.

General Purpose Channels

General purpose channels are used for any in-character location that does not have a particular room. They can be anything from your character's haven to an alleyway on the other side of town.

  • #abbot
  • #amaranth
  • #haven
  • #justicar
  • #jyhad

Clan Specific Channels

The Channels are for specific clans only. Enter at your own peril

  • #alcove : Gathering place for the Gangrel
  • #chantry : Gathering place for the Tremere
  • #warrens : Gathering place for the Nosferatu
  • #asylum : Gathering place for the Malkavians

City Channels

These channels represent different locations within the city. Some locations are 'interior' to others. For instance, you must travel through the #---, to #--- to #elysium in order to enter the Elysium. Skipping these channels is not allowed without ST approval.


  • #theloop : The Loop
    • #grant : Grant Park
    • #prudential : Prudential Building- Ventrue Only
    • #union : Union Station
    • $millenium : Millenium Park, home of the Cloud Gate
    • $operahouse : The Civic Operahouse, where Court is held by Praxis
    • $sheriff : Sheriff's Office, located in the Prudential Building

Magnificent Mile

  • #magmile : The Magnificent Mile
    • #watertower : The Water Tower.
    • #navy : Navy Pier
    • #beach : Oak Street Beach


  • #chinatown : Chinatown, home of a large Chinese Population
    • #dragons : Dragon's Den, Gym owned by the Brujah. Keycard needed to enter.
    • #zen : Zen Tea Shop. Coffee and Tea House


  • #southside : Southside
    • #park : Jackson Park - Gangrel hangout
    • #buckingham : Buckingham Fountain
    • #university : University of Chicago - Tremere hangout

North Side

  • #northside : North Side of Chicago
    • #asylum : Illinois Psychiatric Hospital - Malkavian hangout
    • #thebar : The Bar (actual name)- Brujah hangout

The Barrens

  • #barrens : Lower Michigan Avenue
    • #underground : Subterranean Level of Lower Michigan - Nosferatu hangout

The Rack

  • #rush : Rush Street
    • #oldtown : Old Town
    • #succubus : Succubus Club, located on Rush Street in Old Town
    • #indigo : Indigo Club, upscale Jazz club