Our Setting
IRC Channels

Various channels on the IRC server represent various parts of town or serve some game purpose. Here are more in-depth descriptions of each channel. When a channel is marked " only", you must either be a member of that clan, be brought there by a member of that clan, or get approval from a Storyteller to be there - even if you have been there before.

Out of Character Channels

These channels serve some sort of out of character purpose.

Just fill in the names behind the # and the description behind the :
  • #ooc : Our OOC channel, where players can socialize and hang out out of character.
  • #stchambers : If you need a Storyteller, join this channel.
  • #approvals : This channel is used for going over submitted characters and getting them approved.
  • #help : This is where our helpers hang out to deal with general questions about the game and the setting.

General Purpose Channels

General purpose channels are used for any in-character location that does not have a particular room. They can be anything from your character's haven to an alleyway on the other side of town.

  • #abbot
  • #amaranth
  • #haven
  • #justicar
  • #jyhad

Clan Specific Channels

The Channels are for specific clans only. Enter at your own peril

  • #alcove : Gathering place for the Gangrel
  • #chantry : Gathering place for the Tremere
  • #warrens : Gathering place for the Nosferatu
  • # : Gathering place for the Malkavians
  • # : Gathering place for the Ventrue
  • # : Gathering place for the Brujah
  • # : Gathering place for the Toreador

City Channels

These channels represent different locations within the city. Some locations are 'interior' to others. For instance, you must travel through the #uptown, through #thestrip, then #casino, to #elysium in order to enter the Elysium. Skipping these channels is not allowed without ST approval.


  • #uptown : When anyone mentions Branton this is the area they mostly think of, not the run down parts that make up most of the city. Outside channel for: #thestrip, #
    • #thestrip : Gambling heartbeat of a city built on such investments, many of thebuildings are in a state of disrepair. Outside channel: #uptown. Outside channel for: #casino, #karma.
    • #casino : A 'glitzy' gambling den. Outside Channel: #thestrip
    • #karma : A fabulous club near the pier and just off the strip. Outside: #thestrip
    • #elysium : A private room in the Casino. Outside Channel: #casino
    • #crestmont : A movie theater that still operates off Mason's Square in Uptown. Outside channel: #uptown

Upper East Side

  • #uppereastside : This is a busy, yet poorly serviced area, and has been in decline for years Outside channel for: #park
    • #park :A large and untamed expanse of woodland dotted with creaks. Good for hunting and fishing. Outside channel: #uppereastside (Outside channel for): #alcove
    • #alcove : Gangrel only meeting place hidden in the dense woodland. Outside channel: #park


  • #midtown : The beating heart of the Hipster revolution. Outside for: #breweries , #gainsborough
    • #breweries : A large courtyard surrounded servied by the surrounding craft breweries and the overflowing area. Outside channel: #midtown
    • #gainsborough : A broad street filled with galleries. Street artists are close by. Outside channel: #midtown (Outside channel for): #teahouse
    • #teahouse : Somewhere serene to take a break from visiting the galleries. Outside channel: #gainsborough

Lower West Side

  • #lowerwestside : The further from uptown you get, the more grim the area gets. Outside channel for: #beach
    • #beach :A slowly improving shoreline, still littered with refuse and needles. Outside channel: #lowerwestside (Outside channel for): #theloveshack
    • #theloveshack : A beach bar that is always energised and partying. Outside channel: #beach


  • #southside : Here it's dog eat dog and crime runs rampant. Outside channel for: #sevenpoints
    • #sevenpoints : It's best known for prostitution and alcohol, with all of the buildings facing the heptagon serving such needs. Outside Channel: #southside (Outside channel for): #forbes
    • #forbes : A run-down and grimy poolhall located at 400 North Street. Outside channel: #sevenpoints