Our Setting
The Districts of Chicago


Minimum Resources for Haven: 4

The "Heart" of the city, the Downtown area is home to both The Loop and The Magnificent Mile. Here you will find art, commerce, finance, politics. shopping and nightlife all residing mostly harmoniously.

The Loop

Minimum Resources for Haven: 4
Feeding Difficulty: 4

Outside channel for: #cloudgate (Prudential Building - Clan holding of the Ventrue) #thehive (The Loop) #station (Union Station)

The Loop derives its name from the rectangle formed by the tracks of the ubiquitous tracks of the elevated trains. All cable car lines flow into this, the center of the city. This area has also been dubbed "The Hive" by the younger generation of Kindred due to the resemblance of mortal scurrying about the area like insects.

Iconic places such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Board of Trade, Daley Plaze, and Marshall Field's can all be found in this expansive section of the city.

Here you will also find the Sears Tower - the second tallest building in the US and Union Station.

Near Northside

Minimum Resources for Haven: 4 (Lincoln Park) 5 (Gold Coast)
Feeding Difficulty: 5

Once you are across the Chicago River on Michigan Avenue a set of stairs is noticed, leading down to lower Michigan Avenue. Although running under the Magnificant Mile this lower section, which was created to ease traffic in the city, is dark and dangerous and is far from the glam and glitz of the upper section in aesthetic.

In this area you will find the Navy Pier, a beautiful attraction often visited by tourists. Here you will find the Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze, the Crystal Gardens, art galleries, shopping and restaurants. Several beaches are nearby as well as the Outer Harbor.

Neighborhoods and residences are exclusive and expensive. Amongst them is Gold Coast, Chicago's most elite residential neighborhood. Here you will find high-rise condos, co-ops and townhouses whose price tags are not for the faint of heart.

Lincoln Park is also located here, while still elegant, it is not as pricey as the Gold Coast.

Magnificent Mile

Minimum Resources for Haven: 4
Feeding Difficulty: 4

Outside channel for: #watertower (Water Tower Place) #contemporary (Museum of Contemporary Art) #operahouse (Civic Opera House) #zoo (Lincoln Park Zoo) #navy (Navy Pier)

The Magnificent Mile is the first mile of North Michigan and is comprised of exclusive stores that cater to the elite and elegant of the city. Here you will find exclusive restaurants, art galleries and Water Tower Place and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Water Tower Place borders the Water Tower one of the few buildings to survive the Great Fire of 1871. This crenellated anachronism was described as a "monstrosity" by Oscar Wilde while visiting with the Toreador of the city. The building and area have been converted into a tourist attraction and contains almost half of the shops located on the Magnificent Mile.

Southside (#southside)

Minimum Resources for Haven: 3
Feeding Difficulty: 6

Outside channel for: #parks (Jackson Parks) #buckingham (Buckingham Fountain) #university (University of Chicago) #chinatown #cemetery (Oakmont Cemetery)

Jackson Park, along with Grant park border Lake Michigan and are located right off Michigan Avenue and compromise most of the Southside of the city. The area was once the city's harbor, but now they have been landfilled and extend out into the lake. This is a beautiful and tranquil area of the city and citizens and tourists like visit here. But in the dark, at night, the place is far more dangerous. Despite the abundance of life and activity here, this area is still considered part of the Barrens.

The Southside also boasts Buckingham Fountain, which is a large rococo-style fountain with a light and color display. Also located in the Soutside is the Field Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium as well as the Adler Planetarium. The Kindred of the city whose influence lies in the police sphere will be interested in this area as Chicago Police Headquarters is located here. The Chicago Bears' stadium is here as well.

Chicago University calls the Southside home but the area is quiet, with little to no nightlife. Also located in the Southside is Chinatown and most of the remaining stockyards are the Bridgeport area of the Southside.

West Side

Minimum Resources for Haven: 3
Feeding Difficulty: 5

Outside channel for: #littleitaly

Located between the Loop and the Barrens is the West Side. Home to Chicago's Little Italy and the Medical Center District. Also located in this section of town is the "2300" block of Madison. Here the infamous Black Panthers had their headquarters. The West Side is also home to the .olish community and the oldest Polish church in the ciry, St. Stanislaus Kostka.

The West Side is site of the suburbian neighborhoods of Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park

North Side

Minimum Resources for Haven: 1- Uptown; Lakeview - 3; Depaul and New Town - 3
Feeding Difficulty: 3 - Uptown; 4 - Lakeview; 5- Depaul and New Town

Outside channel for: #asylum (Illinois Psychiatric Hospital) #greek (New Greektown)

The North Side is home to several neighborhoods. Amongst them are DePaul, Lakeview, New Town, Uptown and Lincoln Square. Located here is the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, a popular destination for the city's Malkavians. Uptown is the site of Graceland Cemetery which is considered a part of the Barrens.

Depaul is the up-and-coming area with upper-middle-class residences. An place of note in this neighborhood is Biograph Theater where federal agents tried to gun down gangster John Dillinger. The theater has recently gained a reputation for "hosting" Anarchs who use it for a feeding ground.

New Town is a mixed bag of styles. It has been compared to San Francisco mostly due it's large gay community. New Town also boasts Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs

Lakeview is sedate and homes here are more reasonably priced than in Depaul, New Town and Lincoln Park. This section has a large Asian population, many of whom moved from Chinatown as their prospects improved and as a sign of achievement.

Uptown..despite it's name, is one of the poorer sections of the city. Here, you have a large concentration of the elderly of the city and a staggering amount of the poor and destitute of the city. However, it also boasts an increasing amount of gentrification as young people take advantage of the cheap housing prices to move to a lakefront area.

New Greektown is located in Lincoln Square. When the city bulldozed the original Greek section, many relocated here.

The Barrens

Minimum Resources for Haven: 1 - but why would you live here?
Feeding Difficulty: 5- Underground; 9- Cabrini Green

The Barrens in Chicago refers to any area inside the city that Kindred have no desire to go. This could be due to lack of suitable vitae, danger or a high police presence. Or there just might be nothing there that is of interest to Kindred.

Amongst the darker parts of the Barrens sits The Michigan Avenue Underground. This area was constructed to run under Michigan Avenue in order to ease the congestion of traffic. This area is dark, even in midday. There streetlights that were installed never got fixed as they burned out and crime and danger runs rampant here. Known by the mortals as "the Underground," the city's homeless reside here in droves due to it's proximity to the subterranean levels of the buildings above,which keep the area slightly warmer than usual. Despite the danger here, many of the city's Nosferatu reside amongst the humanity that takes refuge here and the area has also gained a reputation as a "Kindred Gas Station." Mainly due to Kindred finding easy-pickins' when they are desperate for blood.

Also located in the Barrens is the Cabrini Green Housing Project. Originally intended to allow those in the lower economic sphere to purchase a house and achieve the "American Dream," the dream has now turned into a nightmarish battleground. This all began when developers wanted the land and could not get it. Soon enough, they began to push drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes into the area with the thought of driving the residents out. Those who did not have anywhere else to go..and no way of getting there even if they did, are stuck in this neverending cycle of violence and poverty.

Hunting here may seem enticing but the quality of blood is poor, laced as it is with chemicals and desperation. The danger of being caught in crossfire is very real and that danger is not worth the effort to hunt among those hunted by their own fellow mortals.

The Rack

Minimum Resources for Haven: -
Feeding Difficulty: 3

Channels: #rush (Rush Street) #oldtown #succubus (Succubus Club)

The Rack in Chicago is the prime hunting grounds for vampiric predators. Centered primarily on Rush Street, the countless bars, clubs and restaurants that populate the area are teeming with easy prey. Although danger lurks here at night, generally Kindred can find a meal..and a bit of a thrill.

To the west sits Old Town. Here pimps, drug dealers, and gangs and Kindred Anarchs have the run of the area. Occasionally the city cracks down on Old Town; then new and more expensive clubs and bars spring up. Yet inevitably even these begin to deteriorate into dens of sin and vice.

Those with money to spare and the clothing to match sometimes come here for a night of "Slumming" and the Anarchs who populate and patrol the area keep other Kindred from preying on these adventurous people. But woe betide the well-heeled, defenseless-looking man who decides to take a piss an alley. At the least he will lose his wallet and Rolex, but he might lose his life.

It is in this area you will find the infamous Succubus Club. Attended for years by Kindred from all over the world who come to check out the opulent, goth-laden club. Teeming with decadence and kine, the place smells of blood and sex and marijuana. Here a 17-year old in proper goth-club-wear will get in before a yuppie in a tailored suit. Balconies look down upon the dance floor, peopled by the most elite of Kindred. But the basement is where the real action is. Here the music turns angry- speed-metal, punk, and militant rap roar out from violent bands with violent names.

For Kindred and Kine who find themselves in need of privacy, a huge maze runs around the perimeter of the basement. In the shadowy corners and cubbyholes of the maze dealers hawk their wares, sex is rampant and Blood Dolls share their blood to all comers.