Our Setting

These are buildings that are prominent in the city, but not normally open to Cainites for regular play. Those that can be frequented are listed under IRC Channels.

Grisham Building
The two grey towers of the Grisham Building loom like spectres over the north end of Newgate. Before the construction of Helios Tower a decade ago, the Grisham Building was the king of the New Corsica skyline. It is still well-known for being the headquarters of the Dixie Syndicate, New Corsica's most powerful mobsters.

Helios Tower
Helios Tower stands at over 100 stories, making it the tallest office building in Lousiana. While it would be at home in any other major city, Helios is strangely out of place in New Corsica. The modern skyscraper of polished marble and mirrored glass rises high above the cityscape, often piercing the clouds and rain. Its most distinctive feature is the golden pyramid mounted upon the top, which catches the sun's rays in a beautiful display at sunrise and sunset.

New Corsica State Penitentiary
New Corsica State Penitentiary is one of the oldest operating prisons in the United States. Built in the same school of thought as Alcatraz, the prison is surrounded by craggy sholes and the murky waters of Industry Shores. The place is wet and grim, and the underground tunnels are frequently flooded by the erratic sea.

New Corsica Lighthouse
The lighthouse is the signature landmark for New Corsica. Standing on craggy Signal Island, the lighthouse is nested on a platform of broken black rock. The lighthouse is considered a state monument and is accessible by ferry. The hard stone and iron structure has withstood the test of time well, and has braved many a hurricane. Though it does not compare to the skyscrapers behind it, it still stands as sentinel over the noctropolis.