Our Setting
Notable Kindred

All information here is public knowledge, and would be available to any Kindred entering the city for the first time.

Updated April 30 2017

Chicago has no Prince or Seneschal.

The Council

Lawrence Jebediah Miller



Kypros Hadjiyiannis


Dennis Pratt




Jasmine Mirza



Justice Harland

Justice Harland has been in Chicago for at least ten years, possibly longer. He is an academic, master linguist, and expert occultist. Beyond these details little is actually known about the man due to the fact he conducts himself with an air of enigma, where everything is done on a need-to-know basis. Problems handed to him tend to get resolved rapidly, with the utter lack of explanation one expects from their government. This is both comforting, and concerning for various reasons.

Emmett Montgomery


The Keeper and the Sheriff

Amy Jeung


Keeper of Elysium



Benjamine Arsenault
Brujah Elder

Benjamine "Benji" Arsenault has been in the city for quite some time. Her slight French accent often gets her confused as being from France, but she is quick to correct people of that notion, adding that she is from Canada. She is a friendly and warm soul, unless you piss her off or most especially, mess with her clan. Then she becomes a ferocious Mama-Bear bent on your destruction.

Noone is quite sure how long she has been in Chicago or what brought her here. Those who have been privy to seeing her without clothing that covers her from head to toe, have seen that she is covered in deep scars on her left side from her knee to below her breast. The scarring bears what looks like teeth marks and gives her a bit of a limp- which nonetheless never slows her down.

She is never seen in a dress, even at the fanciest of events and rarely seen in the company of a man, or a woman for that matter. She has an uncanny knowledge of nature and is occasionally seen wearing a hat and coat made of beaver skin in colder weather.

Gangrel Elder

A cowardly man
thinks he will ever live,
if warfare he avoids;
but old age will
give him no peace,
though spears may spare him
Then ‘tis made manifest,
if of runes thou questionest him,
those to the high ones known,
which the great powers invented,and the great talker painted,that he had best hold silence.

Malkavian Elder

The wise in heart will receive teaching, but a fast talking fool will become nothing.

Nosferatu Elder

Druitt is a master of many unique things. He's mastered the arts of imitation, insects, and of death. He moves in near total silence. He protects the downtrodden like Robin Hood. He carries with him many secrets that go well beyond boats and into nations. He believes that with the right set of words that nearly anything is possible including one's own death.

Toreador Elder

Malak is an old and ancient soul of unknown origin but his Mediterranean complexion and appearance could be a clue. He is known to be highly secretive but also to be a devout believer in and strict leader of his clan in Chicago. He has helped to establish them with such a strong presence in the city's many budding art museums and places of creativity and creation.

Edward Alison
Tremere Elder

The Prodigal Son of Chicago - Edward Alison was the former Elder and Primogen of Clan Tremere, and a powerful force within Chicago. Replaced by Malcolm Von Strect a year ago, seemingly to pursue greater successes for his Clan, events, as of late, have instead brought the man back to his old stomping grounds, and left many wondering why.

Izem al-Bahr
Ventrue Elder

Izem al-Bahr has always been a man of mobility, both in the geographic sense, as well as the political one. Those with an acute enough ear can detect the Arabic accent that colours his voice is distinctly Maghrebi, though, in reality, he has once called the entire Mediterranean his home…even if he is never straightforward in answering this claim himself. He makes it no secret that he had lived a hard life, one of martial ability and rigorous discipline. Much like his heritage, however, it is never overtly mentioned.

What does matter is that he is a Ventrue of notable rank, and is a well-respected and valued agent of his clan. Stern, detached, and regulated to a fault, he commands the Ventrue’s interests in Chicago with ruthless efficiency and meticulous oversight. And even if he himself is a man of action, he doesn’t need to be wearing his black leather gloves to keep his hands from getting dirty.

Lacracia Giovanni

Lacracia Giovanni has been in the city for an unknown number years but she probably predates many of the Elders. Known to be highly secretive and even more private, she is never seen in public without a veil over her face or gloves on her hands. The eyes the can be seen over the veil are dark and intense and her voice is commanding and highly accented - identifying her as a native of Italy.