Our Setting
Notable Kindred

All information here is public knowledge, and would be available to any Kindred entering the city for the first time.



Maddox is a powerful and ancient soul, a presence felt though often unseen. The feeling rippling across nearly all,is that something more flows just beneath the surface. Perhaps though, it is because he rarely masks to hide his visage. The Beast that crawls across his skin makes it difficult for all to gaze upon him for long.

The Elder Nosferatu is known primarily for his successful siege of Branton but also as a man with access to information, contacts and wealth of knowledge that rivals many others. His tactics in warfare and diplomacy surprised Wilhelm Furst of the Ventrue as managed to slip away Praxis from him. He watches, he waits and in time, perhaps, he will somehow have more.


Mason Acheson is an ancient, haunted soul. His mastery of diplomacy and influence is, in part, what led to the successful siege of Branton.

The elder Toreador is rather no-nonsense and analytical, he'd rather have people stick to the facts than give him the run-around. He is a known master of sculpting and is a patron of the fine arts.

The Council

Finnigan Campbell

Finn is a spry little firecracker who blew into Branton from Boston shortly after its conquest. No, he’s -not- short, thank you very much, he’s wicked average, guy. There’s no doubting where he’s from, speaking with a heavy Bostonian accent. What he lacks in height, he quickly makes up for in personality - it’s almost like someone tried to squish a normal sized personality down into his small frame.

He became Primogen soon after arriving in Branton, with perhaps a “What the fuck look?” when it happened. When he’s not bumping his fist to 80s music at the Love Shack, he’s going on about the digital age and Kindred adaptation, or that the Red Sox are the only real team. All in all, he’s like holding a live firework in your hand waiting for it to explodes. Wanna hang, bro?

Primogen/ Malkavian Elder

Niamh left her position as Primogen in Dublin, Ireland to join the war party in Branton. A notable seer, and skilled sharpshooter, she played a central role in the taking back of the city for the Camarilla.

The mercurial Malkavian's moods shift abruptly like a disjointed pendulum, sometimes with little or no warning. She has been known to sing, seems to be able to see into your soul, and oh dear...she will pray for you, you poor thing.

It's pronounced NEE-uv or NEEV. What? It's a simple, ordinary name.


Viola was among the first newcomers after the war party had retaken the city and was soon after named Primogen of the Nosferatu. Not much about her past before Branton is known and it’s likely it’ll stay that way. She does have a faint Southern accent, though.

Viola is known to walk into nearly anywhere with high heels lightly clacking on the floor as if she’s supposed to be there. Of course she’s supposed to be there, now what were you saying? She’s friendly with just about anyone and is a whiz with computers. She may even teach you - for a price. She likes rifles, too, and if the idea of hearing Viola’s heels against the floor as she found a good position to take you out from scares you… that’s silly.

You wouldn’t hear the heels.

Hanna Frost

Hanna left Santa Fe a little over a year ago, where she had established herself for many years prior to joining the War Party in Branton. Her skills as an expert marksman proved very useful. Never one to wear jeans and a t-shirt Hanna is always dressed to impress.

She is known for crafting beautiful pieces of jewelry, often wearing some of her own creations. Wether it be a social gathering, business meeting, or most any situation Hanna has been known to remain calm, cool and collected. She is not your typical flirty Toreador, she is stern and focused on whatever business is at hand rather than frivolity.

Frederic Pritzker

Frederic Pritzker has been around for a while. No. Longer than that. He was born in the year of the Dragon to a old father and young mother; it was consensual, bloody hell. Many years passed. He ended up in Branton as one of the catalysts in taking the city back from the Sabbat. Instrumental, one might say. He was not one of those Tremere who would work in the background; he was on the front lines with the rest.

What's he like? He's charming and playfu-- no, wait, no. No he's not. He's as curmudgeonly as they come. He's got a good insult in his repertoire for you - it's like he collects them. He recently learned the word "cocksnot." Will you be the one he uses it on?

Wilhelm Furst

Wilhelm Fürst conquered Branton from the Sabbat during the two-night siege, and he refuses to let anyone forget that fact. It was he who rallied the members of the Camarilla. It was he was the glue that held his coterie together. And it was he who ensured that the battle plans were funded, organized and executed with flawless precision. The only reason he does not reap the rewards of his efforts was because he was betrayed. And for that, there is no forgiveness.

Wilhelm is as old as they come, having been a native of the New World since the very first colonies arose centuries ago – though where he has been in between then and now remains a mystery. He is tall, thin, and has little patience for anything less than proficiently-performed actions and the utmost obedience to his will. Anything less earns nothing more than scorn and ire.

The Keeper and the Sheriff

Sheriff/ Brujah Elder

The Brujah Elder is a case study in internal conflict; clearly well educated, his passion for his clan and his duties as Sheriff of Branton are perpetually at war with a temper that might be considered volatile even among Brujah. Easy (an ironic name if there ever was one) has a long history with the Camarilla in war zones as a brilliant tactician that leads from the front with a zeal few can muster.

If anything, he's an example of what you may get if you feed both of the wolves in your heart rabies infected methamphetamines and just watched the show.

Andrey Olsen
Keeper of Elysium



Gangrel Elder

When thinking of Amadi, nothing springs to mind as much as a bear. He looms without being overly tall, and moves with a lumbering shuffle, though somehow still manages to do so almost silently. An unspoken menace cloaks him, giving the impression of a watchful predator. He doesn't speak often, remaining rock-like in expression and silence, but when he does it is with a low rumble.

Nosferatu Elder


Savio Giovanni
Giovanni Elder


Ravnos Elder

Maya came to the city with the initial group who was sent in to take the city. Valuing her independence, she has been heard to state she owes allegience to "people not sects." It is not generally known what sort of expertise she has that made her a good fit for an invading war party but it is assumed she has one- maybe related to her clan's unique abilities.

Maya is uncommonly lovely and gregarious and can be found most nights lounging in her private alcove in her club, Karma. Kindred who arrive to spend time there are treated to warm hospitality and hookahs, with "special friends" gifted with personal chairs and hookahs that fit their personalities. She has been known to entertain in her club with bellydancing- usually to music not normally associated with such dances.

This beauty can come off as having a languid, lazy demeanor and occasionally "butts heads" with those Elders of the original coterie who dare to try to order her around.

Kamal el Masry
Setite Elder

Kamal el Masry has been in Branton since its first days, or so he says. And is that so hard to believe? Branton has always been a gathering place for the unscrupulous. The wicked. The wayward. And its in the eye of that storm that Kamal finds himself the most comfortable. Like his brethren, Kamal is accustomed to the nature of vice and the spiritual importance that it plays in the day-to-day lives of mortals and other vampires. And if there is one thing that the Setites know about Branton, it is that the city is rife with corruption.

Kamal, however, doesn’t seem like your typical Setite – whatever your typical Setite may seem to be. He is a social butterfly, rarely seen in anything less than a pleasant mood and affable demeanour. But he is never one to shirk away from talks of business, and is well-known as one of the most important movers and shakers in the city. All things come with a price, and Kamal has always prided himself on being fair. That’s probably the reason his associates are frequent buyers.