Our Setting

We use a different scale for what each level of a Lore skill means in our game, that varies from the published White Wolf material. There are several reasons that we do this. One, the published lore tables are terribly erratic, and do little to establish the sense of gothic horror and unknowns that we like to cultivate. Two, more often than not you have to have three levels of any lore to be a functional member of a clan or sect. It is hardly fair to make someone choose between buy a massive amount of lores at character creation or being an utter vampiric incompetent.

On our server, the knowledge gleaned by Lores goes up exponentially the more and more lores you have. The first levels are only the most basic knowledge, while higher and higher levels grants you much more hidden and forbidden knowledge. Consequently, high levels of lore are a rarity - knowing too much in and of itself is a liability in the World of Darkness. Being found out that you are teaching the ancient secrets of the supernatural is even more so. Simply put, high levels of Lore represents information that someone very powerful spent a lot of time keeping out of common knowledge.

Below is the general scheme for what levels of lore represent:

• - Common Knowledge. You know enough facts to not sound like an idiot. You could get through a conversation with the subject of your lore without looking like a dog that was shown a card trick, or violating any grievous and serious law amongst them. You could survive amongst their kind, if they were inclined to allow it.

•• - Educated. You know enough to actually know what you are talking about, and could deal with the creatures in question on a regular basis. You have a working understanding of their laws and drives.

••• - Highly experienced. You could be an ambassador to the great leaders of this occult topic. Blending in with the highest ranks of your subject is no problem.

•••• - Dedicated Expert. You could write a tome on the subject that would be a thrill for any occultist to read. You know leaps and bounds more than the average creature you are studying knows about itself.

••••• - True Scholar. There are maybe a handful of beings in the world that know as much as you do about your subject, including the scholars amongst your own kind.

Please keep in mind this guideline as you play a vampire in our game. We tend to play the secrets of the World of Darkness as being, well, a bit more secret that many games you might have played a character in before.

People do not trade lores around, they keep what they know close to their chest because they do not know who might be listening, or who they might be seen as a danger to. And most importantly, keep in mind your character has not read every supplement you have.

In this section you will find exact outlines for Kindred, Anarch, Camarilla and Sabbat lores.