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Sabbat Lore

• Level 1

This is the amount of knowledge a barely initiated Sabbat would have. A Camarilla member who fought extensively with the Sabbat, or managed to spy on them to some extent, might know this much.

The Sabbat are a society of vampires formed long ago to fight their mortal enemies, the Camarilla. They do not differentiate between the Anarchs and the Camarilla proper, considering them different faces of the same foe. The Sabbat are led by two clans, found only in their ranks - the Lasombra and the Tzimisce. However, every Camarilla clan is also represented in their ranks. These traitors call themselves antitribu.

The Sabbat is organized into small groups known as packs, anarchic and animalistic groups with a few leaders within them, but nothing as strict as the Camarilla. The nominal leader of pack is known as the Ductus.

You've heard there is a larger overarching organization, but the details are unknown. These packs engage in strange rituals to bolster morale and unify the pack. The member of the pack that leads these rituals is known as the priest.

There is an unifying code of conduct amongst the Sabbat called the Code of Milan. It is very roughly equivalent of the Camarilla's Six Traditions. The Code is apparently an elaborate document, but you know that it outlines honorable conduct between the Sabbat, an elaborate dueling system called Monomacy that is the only acceptable form of violence between members, and demands strict allegiance to the Sabbat from all its member, on pain of death.

•• Level 2

A dedicated Camarilla scholar or an established Cainite within the Sabbat would be privy to this amount of knowledge about the Sabbat. Due to their ruthless hunting of any traitors, and their insular fanatical natures, very few outside of the Sabbat have lore beyond this level about them.

The Sabbat's greater organization is a mockery of the Catholic Church, following its supposed origins as a Satanic coven. Sabbat officials use such titles as Regent, Cardinal, all the way down to Bishop and Priest. The closest equivalent to a Prince is known as an Archbishop, who may rule over a city or a region, though the anarchic nature of the Sabbat gives him far less power than that of a Prince.

The Sabbat are first and foremost religious fanatics, driven by the worship of the First Vampire Caine. Their doctrine demands the destruction of the Antediluvians and vampire elders, and all their puppets - aka the Camarilla. You have heard that in the past, they would try to recruit Anarchs, but more recently usually simply treat them with disdain equal to the Camarilla, if not worse. The central ritual of the Sabbat faith is the Vaulderie, where a pack communally bonds itself to one another. All Sabbat observe this ritual and keep it holy.

You know all the details of the Code of Milan, though you probably could not repeat it verbatim. You have also heard rumors of an organization within the Sabbat that enforces the Code and keeps errant members in check. You have heard many Sabbat have found different paths of morality, keeping the Beast at bay while forsaking their Humanity.

You have learnt that the Black Hand does not refer to the Sabbat as a whole, but rather a small subsect of elite Cainites who are marked with a brand on their hands. You however, do not know anymore than this. You have also heard of the Inquisition, a group of vampires dedicated to hunting the taint of demon corruption within the sect, and have heard that they share not only their name with the mortal inquisition of old, but also their terrifying ability for torture.

••• Level 3

This level of knowledge would be that of a well-seasoned ductus, priest or any blooded veteran of the Sabbat.

You are aware of many of the rituals, both Ignobilis and Auctoritas Ritae, and have participated in a great many. You could preside over some of them effectively, if you were a priest of a pack. You can recite verbatim the Code of Milan, and may have fought in several monomacy duels so far. You have learned that there are many Paths of Enlightenment amongst the Sabbat, and have a passing familiarity in the major ones.

You know that the Sabbat was born during the Anarch Revolt. When the Anarchs accepted the chains of the Camarilla, the Sabbat instead rejected the Convention of Thorns and become the Sword of Caine. You have some idea of how the Sabbat have manipulated world events, though not as frequently as the Camarilla.

You know that the Inquisition and the Black Hand are actually two different entities. The Inquisition is the Sabbat's equivalent of internal affairs, with a keen obsession with destroying infernalists who undermine the Holy Sword of Caine as well as spies and turncoats. The Black Hand is almost a sect within a sect, with its own elaborate rituals and positions, and is looked upon with suspicion by some - especially those with power. They perform some of the most dangerous tasks of the Sabbat, as well as those requiring the utmost in loyalty.

•••• Level 4

A Sabbat member with this level of knowledge has a name spoken with respect and fear amongst the Sabbat, a true veteran in the war against the Antediluvians.

You are extremely aware of the local Sabbat situation, knowing the packs in the area, their movements and the long term goals of the various Sabbat authorities. You have had contact with leaders high up in the hierarchy, and while you are wise enough not to call on them frivolously, you could if necessary.

You know the multitude of small bloodlines and clans than exist within the Sabbat, such as the Kiasyd and the Serpents of the Light. You have some idea of how they came to join the Sword, but little else.

You know the full story of the Sabbat's exploits during the Anarch Revolt, and have heard in detail, the claims of the Lasombra and Tzimisce elders that they have slain their Antediluvians. You have also heard, and possibly not dared to repeat, the story that perhaps they did not destroy them as they have claimed.