Server Rules


These are the rules for playing on our server. Not the game rules, they are the rules for how you should behave while you are signed on. Please consult them carefully, we expect you to follow them.

Playing is a privilege, not a right.

Do not take this the wrong way, but you are not entitled to anything. All characters are subject to approval, and any character is subject to removal from the game by the Storytellers at any time. Likewise, a player can be banned for any reason at any time the staff feels it necessary. Please refer to the Player’s Code of Conduct above. We have also helpfully Globally stickied this on the forum.

Be realistic.

Pretty simple rule. Don’t act like you can hear across a room without any Auspex. Don’t act like you can immediately recognize someone who was only a fleeting silhouette in an alleyway two blocks away. The Storytellers consider too much ‘convenient’ information from a character to be a form of cheating.

Be mature and respectful.

This is a game, and it is only a game. Keep the drama in-character, and only in-character. Do not harass other players, or target a character because you don’t like the player.

No idling.

If you are not roleplaying, you should not be logged into the server. We run this server for free and we don’t want you using up our bandwidth unless you are playing the game. Idling for more than 2 hours will result in a five-day ban.

No cheating.

We have a zero-tolerance rule toward cheating. Anyone who is cheating (using powers that are not on their character sheet, ignoring a feeding botch, etc.) will be banned. Our bots watch for these behaviors, and we keep logs. You are warned.

No bots.

The only bots that should be running are ours. The IP that an unauthorized bot comes from will be banned, no questions asked.

No minors.

You must be 18 years old or older to play on our server. We are not an adult or pornographic game, but we do deal with mature levels of violence and general hideous monstrous perversion. And if we’re going to run a scene of the Sabbat decapitating a naked pregnant hooker with a machete, we’d like to do it without kids around.


We here at Sanguinus do not condone the graphic depiction of sexual acts between characters. Our policy is simple- should your character engage in those acts, you must “Fade to Black.”

We now use the Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Corebook for our rules unless noted otherwise. We also use Beckett’s Jyhad Diaries for setting information. Other corebooks/clanbooks/setting books will not be used, other than to explain metaplot. Do not ask if you can use things from them.

Our general House Rules (rules that do not pertain to a specific subject such as disciplines) will be listed on the appropriate section in the menu to your left.

A list of House Rules can also be found on the Wiki page located here

Experience Points

Experience points are given on a weekly basis, and your
experience rewards are based on how much you have played
and interacted with other characters and plotlines.

1 experience: 1-2 night of play, minimum interaction
2 experience: 3+ nights of play, some interaction
+1 experience: Actively working towards goals/ambitions/desires or significant interaction with plot.
+1 experience: Actively working against enemies or backstabbing allies/coteriemates in a tangible way.

Players must request XP every week using the !requestxp command, before Sunday at Midnight.
Any XP request made afterward will be considered for the following week. Additional bonus XPs can
be awarded solely at the discretion of the Storytellers.

If you feel you have done something extraordinary in the game, such as driving plot or instigating intrigue, you may petition the Storytelling Staff for extra xps. These will be awarded after the staff consults and if we feel it is appropriate. You are not guaranteed extra xps just because you request them.

Spending Experience

Players do not spend their own experience or update their own sheet. All XP spends must be
approved by a Storyteller, and only they can record and adjust your experience pool. You cannot
use any ability that is not on your sheet. Doing otherwise will result in us being… cranky.

All experience spends are at the discretion of the Storytellers. We take into account the game’s current make-up, past behavior of characters, character concepts and anything else that strikes our fancy on whether or not to approve spends. As it says in our ground rules, you aren’t entitled to anything.

We at have come up with and instituted a Player’s Bill of Rights. This is to ensure not only a well-run game, but also to ensure that all players are treated equally and have a chance to be the best they can be.

Player’s Bill of Rights

The Right to Free Play.
    1. You as a player will be allowed to choose your path, tell your own story and make your own decisions. Play big, play small, play subtly, or play wildly. That is your freedom. The staff will guide you out of character, and the ancillae will guide you in character. This is not carte blanche to ignore setting, clan culture, or embrace stereotypes as a guide for what is expected in a clan. It is a promise that you can portray your character freely without having your creativity crushed.
The Right of Free Growth.

Your characters are your own, the experience you have earned is yours to spend. You are promised a chance to spend said experience how you desire, with the help of the Staff. You are also promised Staff guidance and help in that growth, to maintain balance in your sheet, your character’s progress, and realization of your player goals.

The Right to Fail or Succeed.

No player is promised success, and no player is promised defeat. Instead all players will be promised the opportunity, the tools, and the freedom to succeed under their own power, wit, and skill. You may rise, you may fall, you will pay all the consequences and reap all the rewards of your actions. Your journey will be yours, and the Staff will promise as fair a journey as one can get in a world full of duplicitous predators and fatal politics.

The Right to Fair Play.

The Staff are here to arbitrate the game for all players, and ensure absolute fairness in the execution of game rules, house rules, and story progression. The Staff will call for rolls, hold all players and supporting characters to the established rules, and maintain fairness at all times. They will be both flexible and inflexible as the situation needs. Within this scope you will be given fair rulings and reasonable response to player actions free of negligence or undue abuse. You are not, however, promised that the dice will like you.

The Right to Free Counsel.

You are promised the ability to ask questions, seek feedback, obtain guidance or help, and receive honest critique from the Staff. You should not languish in uncertainty of character, purpose, or lore. You can and should ask questions until you feel confident enough to carry on playing. You will be told as much as is possible, understanding that some knowledge, as it pertains to the game world, must be sought out by your character through play. When it comes to story and plot the Staff will guide, but they will not give the answers needed to solve a puzzle. That would defeat the purpose of the game and playing it.

The Right to Freely Speak.

You are promised the chance to be heard by the Staff, to voice concerns, and air all grievances without fear of retribution or repercussion. Furthermore all players are promised the chance to pursue resolution of in-character and out-of-character concerns or issues, and to seek arbitration over issues with fellow players, the Staff themselves, and any standing problem existing within the community. The Staff will additionally provide a Player Council to help represent said players in this promise.

The Right to Free Spirit.

You are promised the chance to be you, insofar as you are not disruptive, abusive, intolerant, or destructive. This is a community of people from all over the world who share a love for games, movies, books, cars, and countless other things found on this earth. You will be tolerated, and you will give tolerance in turn. No player is required to be friends with another, but all players are welcome, and all are wanted here.

The Right of Fair Warning.

If your actions are deleterious or damaging to the game and its community you are promised at least one official warning, and clear explanation of what actions will not be tolerated within the community. You will also be promised a chance to improve, if you desire it. In hand with this however, you are also promised swift, and just response to all infractions against the game made willingly, and with ill intent. The players and the staff should not be made to suffer intolerance, abuse, or disruption at the hands of any community member.


Just as the Staff is held to the Player’s Bill of Rights, the players themselves are held to the standards of the Player’s Code of Conduct

Player’s Code of Conduct

Membership is not a Right

While the Player Bill of Rights provides the baseline promises that all players are made when playing on Sanguinus, players need to remember that this is a privately run game, on a privately owned server. The owners of the game, and their staff reserve the right to deny access to any users that they feel are in violation of the games rules, disruptive to the game, or abusive of the community.

While this will not excuse abuses of power and unfair manipulation it does mean that the owners and administrative body can ask you to leave temporarily, permanently, or even ban you if they feel there is a pressing need to. These actions can be appealed, within reason, but there is absolutely zero promise it will change anything in the short or long term.

This is a game, be an adult

The ultimate goal of Sanguinus is to run a daily (24/7) Vampire Chronicle for a community of players. This is meant as a diversion, a game, as well a source of fun and interaction for all the players in the community. Interpersonal drama is, sadly, unavoidable, but every player’s conduct is theirs to control. This means that childish behavior, name calling, intolerance and rudeness are inexcusable. The barrier to entry is being eighteen (18) years of age. This is the Age of Majority for most of the world, and when one is considered to be an adult. This means all players are expected to be and act like adults.

In short: no one is required to be friends with their fellow players. No one is required to like their fellow players. Everyone is expected to show basic respect and decency toward each other, however.

Give the game its due attention

Not everyone can multi-task well, not everyone has 100% of their attention to dedicate to a scene. This is something most if not all adults become aware of as they go about their daily lives. Please be mindful of how much attention you can provide, and how much distraction you subject yourself to before going in-character. When you are distracted, slow, and incapable of actively participating in an ongoing scene you are directly impacting the quality of the experience for all involved, including yourself. If you are incapable of dedicating yourself to a scene, responding in a timely manner, or actively contributing to a scene, please excuse yourself until you can.

Respect the role play

Not all characters win, few characters are invincible, and while cool guys don’t look at explosions, they are still really damned loud. Please respect the narrative, the scene, and the systems at play when inside a scene. This means playing out if your character is injured and should be in pain if they should be scared, agitated or actively working on something. Openly disregarding events, and refusing to acknowledge the events occurring around your character and others will break immersion and directly damage the quality of play for all involved.

If you have leave abruptly, or step away from your keyboard, please make an effort to represent this in-character before simply vanishing, and if you have absolutely no choice, please apologize to the players you have impacted. Refusing to do this, and/or being repeatedly disruptive to scenes, your fellow players and the Staff running the game may result in warnings and disciplinary actions

As a note: this type of conduct does your character’s narrative a disservice, as well as that of others involved. All characters, heroes and villains alike suffer triumphs and tragedies. They weather hardships, have moments of humanity or darkness, and are shaped by the setting or cast around them. Ignoring the world and its players in favor of becoming an island means you are robbing yourself of a chance to grow and develop your character, explore role play, and become woven into the story of your fellow players. Though this note isn’t itself a break in conduct, it is something to bear in mind.

Respect the lives of Players & Staff

All players are here voluntarily as part of their free time and leisure activity. All Staff of this game are volunteers, spending hours a night working for no pay or compensation for their efforts. Both groups are here for their love of the game, the community, and the setting. Please respect that when interacting with them. Some players have only limited amounts of time to play or suffer under the constraints of time zones and inflexible real-life schedules.

The Sanguinus Staff goes to great lengths to make sure no players are ever penalized in-character for the requirements of their lives. Work, school, children, and health always come first over this game. Players should also bear this in mind, accepting that some players will simply be unavailable, and should not be punished for it. At the same time, it is absolutely imperative that all players on Sanguinus be aware of their schedule constraints and make sure to clearly communicate their availability, and take on only the in-character responsibilities they are capable of dedicating themselves to. An inability to fulfill in-game responsibilities can only receive so much leniency before it becomes unrealistic to ignore in-character.

Respect the Staff’s time

The staff themselves can tend to a game with a player base of 20 to 50 players at any given time, and this is a time-intensive effort. While the staff available are up to the task and carry it out happily they also need to be allowed time to work. This means that tying them up in help channels, harassing them in private messages, and consuming hours of their time in debates, arguments, and questions can become actively disruptive. The Staff want to interact with all players and help them, but to facilitate this all players should have a clear and concise idea of what they need from the staff when speaking to them, so as not to take up hours in a help channel, or bog down an ongoing roleplay scene.

The staff members are not infallible, they are human like every other player in the game, and they can make mistakes. So long as players are not accusatory, derogatory, or outright condescending when presenting issues to Staff there should be no problems correcting errors and carrying on. However, there is a fine line between nit-picking and genuinely helping correct errors. Continuously messaging a Staff member or interrupting them while working can become disruptive and frustrating.

When an active scene is being run, or a combat is being executed players should attempt to keep their questions clear and concise, even presenting them early to staff while understanding a response might take a minute or several minutes out. OOC cross-talk should be minimized, and issues should be presented to staff with the understanding that you might be asked to move to an official staff channel to discuss the issue in detail.

Respect Staff authority

Staff are not required to agree with Players on complaints, but they will listen, and present an explanation on how and why things happened, insofar as they can. Limitations of plot, metagame knowledge, and fair play will always be taken into consideration. Additionally, even if a Staff member agrees with a complain or issue, or sympathizes, some calls simply will not be changed due to them being legitimate or having too wide an impact on the game and its players if rescinded. While calls are final, and not all calls are set in stone, and be changed as needed.

Pestering or harassing a staff member (or several) in the hopes of getting a legitimate or unfavorable call changed will not be taken lightly, and may result in a warning or reprimand.

Do not harass members of Sanguinus

Harassment ties into the player’s Rights, specifically the Right of Free Spirit which promises the players the chance to be themselves, and to receive tolerance from their fellow players and staff. These rules are in place to create an atmosphere of fairness that is vital for feeling safe in our group, rather than creating tension. Players should not be penalized for being merely awkward, but offensive and disruptive behavior, as outlined below, will not be tolerated.

It should be noted that this expectation extends to Staff as well as players. All members of the Sanguinus community are held to the same standards of conduct and afforded the same protections.

Harassment Includes:

  • Bullying, threats, intimidation, and coercion.
  • No members of the community should be made to feel unwelcome, or no longer in control of their own actions in-game and out.
  • Rumor mongering, shaming tactics, slander, smear campaigns or exclusionary play.
  • Attempts to discredit or damage the social status of community members, or make them feel unwanted will be investigated and will not be tolerated.
  • Repeatedly inappropriate private messages or giving unwanted levels of attention to another player

This ranges from spamming, flooding, harassing, and generally pestering players to the point of disrupting their ability to actively participate in the game to more grievous abuses such as sexual harassment, which itself includes unwanted sexual comments, sexual advances, demands for sexual favors and sexual slurs.

  • Bigoted statements or slurs aimed at any group of people.

This includes ethnicity, genders, political affiliations, or sexual orientations.
Note: Bear in mind that characters in the game may be bigoted and offensive (within the limits of good taste), but the player portraying them should not be.

If you feel you are being harassed or are uncomfortable, we ask, but do not demand, that our players assume good faith and ask the other player to cease their behavior. But if you are uncomfortable with this, the staff will speak to them on your behalf. Sometimes, people do not realize what they are doing, and we will take your word on how you feel and what your perception of the situation was.

If you are informed that your behavior is out of line or making others feel uncomfortable, once again, try and assume good faith. We are all here to have fun. Take it as a lesson and correct your behavior. While we understand misinterpretations can occur and seem unfair, it’s all down to perception, so correct the perceived behavior graciously.

The staff will intervene in a situation politely if possible, and where reasonable, but repeat problems that arise may skip entirely to a disciplinary action. Especially grievous incidents may result in immediate disciplinary action, as deemed necessary. If ongoing issues continue the staff will assess the situation. They will ask both sides for their account of the incident, along with any third parties involved. Evidence may be asked for, and depending on the severity of the alleged event, one or both of those involved may be suspended from play until it is resolved. The staff will also take into account patterns of similar behavior toward other players in their judgment.

Disciplinary Actions

In the event of a harassment complaint, cheating or other negative behavior, the following actions can be taken by the staff.

Warning: All players are afforded a fair warning per the player bill of rights, and a chance to correct their behavior. After the first warning, the likelihood of receiving additional warnings drops sharply. Warned players should take these issues seriously, discuss them with the Staff and consider how their actions have impacted the game.

Suspension: A player can be suspended from play for a time, either through a temporary ban, being barred from the forums, or having their character suspended inside the game. This is not something done lightly, as Sanguinus prefers not to remove players and their characters from play, but if warnings are being ignored and repeat misconduct is being observed, this may be an effective deterrent.

Ban: A player is banned permanently from the game, loses their character, and may no longer participate in any games being run on Sanguinus’ server. This is the most extreme disciplinary action that can be taken and is not done lightly. However, if the Staff feels they have no other options, they will ban a player to preserve the game’s stability and integrity.