Character Creation

A good concept is the key to both getting a character approved and enjoying yourself. Here are a few guidelines as to what we expect and what we will approve as far as concepts.

Due to the change in the system for V5, we have gone to sheets using Google Docs. Please see someone in #approvals, #stchambers, or #help to obtain the link.

All characters will start with the Childer template as detailed under the Character Concept section. The new system is vastly different than the old, so be sure to carefully read the Character creation page on the wiki and also any notes on the sheet itself.

It is located here.

Character Age

The V5 rules on age work a little differently than prior editions of Vampire the Masquerade. At the moment, all new characters will be using the “Childer” template, with the “Neonate” and “Ancilla” template closed for now.


Embraced within the last 15 years

  • 14th, 15th, or 16th Generation (thin-bloods): Blood Potency o [CLOSED]
  • 12th or 13th Generation: Blood Potency 1

Embraced between 1940 and a decade ago

  • 12th or 13th Generation: Blood Potency 1
  • Each player spends 15 experience points

Embraced between 1780 and 1940

  • 10th or 11th Generation: Blood Potency 2
  • Each player adds 2 points of Advantages
  • Each player adds 2 points of Flaws
  • Each player subtracts 1 Humanity
  • Each player spends 35 experience points.

Age is a commodity in the Camarilla. The older the Kindred, the more reputation, influence, and power they generally wield. Unsurprising, really, given that older tends to indicate wiser, or at least more experienced in the art of survival and manipulation. However, with greater age and greater status comes far greater expectation (both in-character and out-of-character).

In the anarchs, age doesn’t seem to matter as much, that is why they have not joined, nor been asked to join the Camarilla. The anarch (purposeful little “a”) are Vampires who are either too young or have not proven worth or, more importantly, shun the strict protocol and hypocrisy of the Camarilla.

Ethnic Backgrounds

The majority of characters will be American. Traveling is extremely difficult now if not almost impossible. Characters may be approved with European backgrounds if they have spent the majority of their lives in America. This is not a guarantee that it will be approved, please ask before you proceed.


Why do we do this? First, in the V5 setting, traveling is extremely difficult and extremely dangerous. Think about trying to board a plane when your ID is out dated or nonexistent, you can’t do it. Also, we are trying to keep a particular tone for our game, and roleplayers left to their own devices will quickly fill our American city with a cavalcade of Vikings, Japanese samurai, Nazi officers and a dozen other clever little backgrounds, mainly played by people who neither understand nor respect the ethnicities and histories they are trying to portray. And it turns rather ridiculous rather quickly.
Ultimately, unless accompanied by research, insight and some in-depth characterization, most ethnically unique characters turn into stereotypes and are used as cheap gimmicks, with a load of crypto-racism on top, because it’s all about how different those people who talk and look funny are. It irritates us, so for the most part, we say no to them. Don’t take offense if we ask you about this. We only wish to ensure different ethnicities are treated with respect.


Here at Sanguinus we value diversity and respect people’s genders. We allow players to play the gender opposite their own. Please be respectful of this. Additionally, while Sanguinus and its resident Sanguinites are accepting of gender diversity and fluidity, characters may not be. So please do not take offense if that 200 year old Vampire doesn’t understand- or WANT to understand- that. However, if we suspect you are purposefully being cruel in character in order to support some out of character agenda, you will be given a warning. If you choose to continue this behavior, you will be banned from the server.


  • Common: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador
  • Uncommon:Tremere*, Ventrue*. You MUST ask BEFORE you submit any of these. If you are told no, it may be for many reasons, key amongst them is census. We generally do not approve new players for these clans.
  • Limited and storyteller approved:[nothing at game start]
  • Banned: Caitiff, Thin-Blood

*Without Lead Storyteller approval prior to creation.


ALL Characters must have been at least 18 years old when embraced. We do not allow underage characters in the game

ALL Characters must look their age. Please do not select a model that looks underage. You will be asked to change it.

You’ve been Approved! What next?

After character creation, one of the first things you’ll be asked to do is write a short paragraph (No longer than an uncut post will allow) about how your character appears. This will describe the very essense of the character, how they look, how they walk, how they talk and what the first impression of them is likely to be.

Do not include anything not readily seen, felt or exhibited by actions. This would include things like Insight, Larceny, Subterfuge etc. It would include things like Good looks, Charisma, Composure, etc.

To help new players with this, we’ve come up with a guide of the kind of things we are looking for and the sorts of things to think about when describing your character. This also applies to describing them in character, which will flesh them out and deliver something much more engaging and real.


Tone is the very essense of this game and when writing your description it’s important not to overlook that. By writing a description you are delivering a sense of how your character looks and acts; how s/he makes others feel when in their presense. First impressions can often be important gauges to a character’s demeanour. Be they intimidating, creepy, eerie, shy, indifferent, passive, or imposing.

Your description is a good place to start to be creative with your character and summarise what they appear to be about. This may not be the case beneath the surface of their exterior, but what your character portrays about themselves is read in their description. So a description can also be used as a good tool to fool others.


Many supernatural characters develop physical quirks over time and experience.

Think about things like: Scars, merits/flaws, noticeable habits, a predatory walk (or other similar gestures of movement), anything that’s a little bit unusual that makes your character stand out. Perhaps your character is wonderfully mundane and doesn’t stand out in the crowd – perhaps s/he uses that to their advantage?

Low Humanity

As characters fall below Humanity 5, they begin to suffer physical and behavioral changes. Starting with a pale complexion, and a physical eerieness, as your humanity drops, your character begins to look more and more corpse-like, and more and more unpleasant. At humanity 3 and below, your appearance will reflect your bestial inhuman side and the fact that humans will likely not respond to you as well as they may have before.

Reference Pictures

Character pictures are the least important thing to worry about as they are simply a reference to what your character may appear like. It is helpful to try to choose a reference image that reflects the tone of your character and some may choose not to use a model at all. Please refrain from choosing well known models or actors as well. Things which are even mildly not safe for work (semi-nude, nipples, etc.) are forbidden and just plain uncourteous to your fellow players who might be checking the website in public.

The Storyteller staff reserves the right to force you to change character pictures or your forum signature. This can be for a variety of reasons – not fitting tone, not appropriate for your character’s Appearance rating, or just that we think they look goofy or obnoxious.


At the end of your description, it’s useful for other players to know the appearance rating and charisma of your character. For example [Good looks, Cha 2] is all that is really necessary as these two scores are noticeable on first impressions.

Some players include other scores or noticeable traits including Presence, Intimidation, Leadership, etc. This is entirely your choice as a player and really only makes a difference if the scores are high (3+).
Note: Tags should only be noticeable traits upon first impressions. Things like how manipulative your character is, are not needed, no matter how high their score and may actually do your character a disservice.